Physical Construction Of New Atlantic Terminal Commences In Takoradi

Construction works of the First Phase of the much touted Atlantic Multipurpose Terminal, which is being built by a wholly Ghanaian company, Ibistek Company Ltd, has commenced at the Port of Takoradi.

The First phase of Atlantic Terminal when completed, would boast of a depth of -16m draft and a quay length of 600m.

With its ultra-modern design, it would cater for all forms of cargo, especially containerized cargo which the Port of Takoradi is yet to harness its accompanying full potential.

Chairman of Ibistek Ltd, Kwame Gyan, expressed Government’s faith in making sure for the first time in the history of the country, a wholly local company is contracted to build deep sea port infrastructure.

“I would want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of His Excellency the President of the Republic who personally took this project as his project and tradition has been that locals are either stevedores, or operators of off dock terminals.”

He said, the company has all the requisite financial and technical capacity to develop the world class project, and delays previously were due to international bureaucracies of review.

“A project of this magnitude requires a lot of international transactions- foreign lawyers, foreign parties, foreign financial and technical advisors and each person or group has to give their input to the satisfaction of every party,” he disclosed.

Pascal Dumez, Project Manager of Jan De Nul, the international marine engineering firm in charge of the physical construction of the Atlantic Terminal said, it would employ as many as 250-300 local hands directly during the span of the construction which he revealed is 24months.

The Director of the Port of Takoradi, Ebenezer Afadzi, expressed excitement towards the project, saying the Multipurpose terminal when completed would not only provide employment to Ghanaians, but would increase revenue for the Port of Takoradi, which intends to grow its container traffic.

“With the coming in of this container multipurpose terminal with a depth of -16 meters, we are hoping that we will able to at least get to about 200,00 the first year, and be able to compete with other ports in West Africa,” he said.

By Dominic Akuffo

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