Plot To Destroy Naatia, Hajia Shamima Exposed


Interesting revelations coming up indicate that a recent publication that was circulated about the Northern Regional Treasurer of the opposition NDC and  Chief Naa Tia Salifu is false.

The said publication sought to claim that Hajia Shamima and Naa Tia Salifu were caught on camera cooling off and making love in a Dubai Hotel.

Meanwhile, investigations conducted into the said publication which came with some pictures, revealed that the pictures published as though they are real, are Photoshop.

This paper have established that as the elections get closer, there are attempts by many people to scuttle the chances of the NDC in the region and considering the great works Hajia Shamima is doing, she became a target for the opposition machinations.

It has also been gathered that the said friend of Hajia Shamima who was claimed to have leaked the purported video and pictures, physically assaulted Hajia Shamima and told her in the face, that she (the friend) will deal with Hajia Shamima hence this machination against her.

The said friend, according to sources has been making all frantic efforts to ensure that Hajia Shamima loses grasp of her political constituents.

Speaking to some opinion leaders in the Northern Region, they described Hajia Shamima as an astonishing personality whose charisma and dedication kept the NDC spirit alive in the region.

The However said they were not purturbed about the had press she is receiving currently, because they are all attempts to descredit and bring her down.

Interestingly the said video that was posted and claimed to be the video of the two engaged in love making is far from what was reported.

Many people who read the said publication and watched the video that came along with it described it as “nonsense,” and an obvious calculated plot to dent the reputations of the two personalities.

The said publication also sought to describe the Renowned Spritualist and leader of the Kejebi Shrine, Naatia Salifu as a ‘fraudster’ who has been defrauding people on social media.

However, this paper can say on authority that Chief Naatiw Salifu has on countless occasions denied being behind Facebook accounts with his name defrauding individuals.

He is a great leader and spiritualist who has worked all his life as a philanthropist.

Chief Naatia Salifu has supported many people in the Northern Region especially children, widows and less privileged.

His good works earned him the respect that no one can take away.

Some traditionalists as well as spiritualists who saw the said publication beleive Chief Naatia Salifu was a victim to his enemies who they prayed “will not go unpunished by the gods.”


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