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PNC’s Ewusi Arkoh Message To The Youth On International Youth Day

We are not only the vital source of our state but also agents of change.

We are the evolver of social, political and economic transformer’s of our culture and the driving force for change.

We play a vital role in the constructive process of building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability in our individual countries in an inclusive and democratic manner.

Our involvement in nation building process is a must as they play one of the most important role in our individual lives.

I believe therefore, that it is our responsibility to ultimately be the social actors who are required to protect our systems for development to the entire world.

Our dreams, hopes and our passion must stay to create employment for ourselves with the skill we posses.

This I believe can be done through proper guidance and direction from our elders.

The high enthusiasm in us must as well be regulated and utilized in the right way for positive gains.

Our potentials can fully be exercised when we are young and energetic but our existence can be exceptional when we position ourselves to be dynamic,creative and optimistic in life’s endeavor.

Let us come together to build blocks of nation’s in a more stronger way to foster unity and development that will translate into providing quality and affordable life for the aged and the young ones.

It is my hope that some majority of the youth who are deprived and are at a point of disadvantage be provided with the modern means to anchor development of our nation’s on our shoulders.

I wish all youth of our time a happy international youth day.


Mark Ewusi Arkoh.

National youth organizer hopeful for *PNC

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