Police Clash With Irate Asikasu Youth Over Land, 5 Sustained Gunshot Wounds


Tension erupted at Asikasu in the upper West Akyem District of the Eastern Region as over 500 irate youth clashed with police officers over an alleged Indiscriminately sale of 600 acres of farmland for sand-winning and estate developers,
Which resulted in 5 people sustaining gunshot wounds including police officers.

Hundreds of Youth and Peasant Farmers in Akyem Asikasu in the Upper West Akyem District of the Eastern Region have protested against their chief Barima Konadu Yiadom, for Allegedly selling their about 600, acres of farmland to sand-winners, estate developers, and other individuals without any compensation.

The police in Asamankese tried to maintain peace and order in the area as the youth were holding machetes and firing gunshots, this erupted tension between irate Asikasu youth and Asamankese Police officers as 5 people sustained gunshot wounds including police officers.

Speaking to Insight newspaper the youth accused the chief in the area of not consulting landowners who are predominantly Peasant farmers before selling out their farmland for sand-winning which they had invested in cocoa, pawpaw, orange, plantain, cassava, and other crops, that are keeping them alive.

They, therefore, appeal to authorities to come to their aid.

Meanwhile, some residents who sustain gunshot wounds at yesterday’s clash explain what happened to Adom News on his part, Chief of Asikasu Barima Agyei Konadu Yiado, noted some of the lands in the area were allocated to put up companies to provide jobs for the youth in the area.

He emphasized that there is no family land in Akyem Abuakwa and that all land belongs to Okyeman stool land. to Okyeman stool land. all land belongs to Okyeman stool land.


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