Politicians and Political Appointees Besiege Effutu Lands

Some New Patriotic Party (NPP) politicians and political appointees of President Nana Akufo-Addo, have besieged the lands of the ‘weak’ and ‘nobodies’ in Effutu, in a manner that is on course to surpass the siege of Leningrad.
Two politicians and two political appointees have come under the radar. For the purposes of this article, the four are: Kuamena, Kuaku, Kuame and Kuabena.

Kuamena, a representative of the masses at the House of Representatives who holds two (2) insignificant positions due to his crookedness, got the ball rolling by spearheading the transfer of the lands of the Veterinary Services Department of the Ministry of Agric, into private hands. This particular land and other covert deals of similar nature are not transferred directly from the State into the names of the crooks, but rather transferred into the names of nominees first; for onward distribution among the cabal, or sale to other third parties.

The sharing of the loot arising from the sale of the Vet lands, resulted in disagreement between Kuamena and other members of the land grabbing brigade, which led to some houses built on this land being demolished unlawfully.

Kuaku, a political appointee (Chairperson) representing the President of the Republic at a constitutional body based at the Regional Headquarters, has emerged as the greediest and most wicked in the cabal in respect of this unprecedented land grabbing in Effutu. Even though Kuamena lobbied for him to be appointed to this position at the Regional Office of this body, and having learnt the art of defrauding others from Kuamena, he appears to be streets ahead of Kuamena when it comes to scheming his way through to grab the lands of the weak in society.

Kuaku most often engages the services of nominees to apply for vested lands and upon allocation of such lands to the nominees, he then proceeds to appropriate the lands for his private gain.
Currently, about three hundred (300) acres of vested land at Oguakrom, a village located on the Winneba-Swedru Road, is the central focus of Kuaku to grab and sell!!

Recently, Kuaku attempted to forcefully take about fifty (50) acres of land from a nobody in society under the pretext that the State was taking over the said land for the construction of a Secondary School. When this nobody asked for the payment of compensation, Kuaku responded that no compensation would be paid to him.

Mr. President, the people you trust and put in positions to help you serve the good people of Ghana, have classically turned around to use your good name to wreak havoc on the vulnerable and weak in society.
Is it for this purpose that a majority of Ghanaians handed you the mandate to preside over the affairs of this country?

Kuame, another political appointee of the President who got his appointment through the lobbying of Kuamena, has also slipped into the ravine of land grabbers.
Kuame is now so immersed in the grabbing of land to the extent that his younger brother who holds no political appointment, has joined the fray. He forcefully takes possession of any land in a good location and claims that his elder brother, Kuame, has directed him to take over the land for a government project. Some of the weak and the nobodies in society usually get scared and run for their lives, only for Kuame’s younger brother to turn around and sell the land.

Finally, Kuabena, a local struggling politician who recently completed a professional course, holds two (2) political appointments (one at the District level and another at the Regional level), is of the opinion that since the NPP is in power, all lands in Effutu belong to him. Having learnt fraudulent activities through his decades of association with Kuamena, he shamefully goes about selling any land to prospective buyers.

Kuabena always promises to refund the monies of his victims whenever he is confronted with the truth, but hasn’t refunded a pesewa to any of his victims.
Reporting Kuamena, Kuaku, Kuame and Kuabena to the Police, has always ended up as an exercise in futility.

The menace of land guards is alien to Effutu, however, considering the activities of these wolves in sheepskin, land guards will sooner rather than later, rear their ugly heads in Effutu.
Anyway, if anyone enters my land unlawfully, I will deal with that person in the like manner they entered it.

The lands of the weak and vulnerable in Effutu are openly under an unparalleled and sustained attack by these NPP politicians and appointees of the President.
Their nefarious activities are a dent, not only on the image of the President of the Republic, but a total disgrace to the NPP!! Most victims of this criminal enterprise have resigned to their faith and patiently waiting for December 7, 2024 to teach the NPP a lesson!

The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) lands haven’t been spared by these unpatriotic citizens. Kuamena as usual of him, directed and encouraged his goro boys, foot soldiers and puppets from behind the scenes to encroach on the University lands; a matter which has ended up in court.

Am appealing to the President of the Republic, His Excellency, Nana Akufo-Addo and the leadership of the NPP to step in and save the weak and nobodies in Effutu from the claws and jaws of these hyenas parading as politicians!

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)
Farmers House
10 Vicarage Terrace

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