Probe Multiple Issuance Of Land Titles – Osamampa Estates Appeals


The Counter Terrorism Operation Team from the Greater Accra Regional Police Command has arrested some persons who are developing portions of government land belonging to the Pantang Hospital and another of the Osamampa Real Estates.

Nana Yirenkyi
Nana Yirenkyi

The operation which was carried out in the early hours of today, August 13, 2020 was led by Chief Inspector Aidoo from the Regional Police Operations, Counter Terrorism Unit of the Greater Accra Regional Police command.

The team stormed the site upon information that some persons are busily developing the land without the consent of real owners of the land, and arrested four persons including the leader of the group, Nana Yirenkyi, who claimed to be a contractor working for Jeleel Company Limited.

The rest of the suspects are believed to be construction workers employed to work on the land.

The land in question, according to Mr. Henry Ayi Addo, Spokesperson for Osamampa Real Estates Company Limited, originally belongs to the Afutu Brempong family of Teshie.

In an interview, he noted that Jeleel Company has encroached on the family land and that of the hospital.

According to Henry Ayi Addo the increasing trend of Lands Commission issuing multiple Land Titles for same plot of land is becoming alarming.

He averred that in the event of people having multiple Land Titles covering the same parcel of land, determining who the rightful owner is becomes an issue until the Courts determine the authenticity of all the Titles the people are having.

He noted that, government and the relevant institutions must take a closer look at this trend and save people from spending huge sums of money litigating over what rightfully belong to them.

“Most at times, people who have legitimate Titles to the lands face attacks from encroachers. We are appealing to the President to ensure that the Lands Commission lives up to expectation and stop the acts of multiple land registration. This development is what is brewing land guard activities in our communities,” he said.

He recounted an incident on the same parcel of land when workers of Osamanpa Estates were brutally attacked by the six persons who claimed they were protecting the said land for Jeleel Company.

According to Henry Ayi Addo they keep receiving reports from residents of constant attacks by the land guards firing weapons on each and every day at the site.

This development he said, compelled the family to seek further assistance from the Accra Regional Police Commander which led to the arrest.

He however lamented that the previous case which was reported to the Adenta police and the Accra Regional police command, has not been addressed until the recent arrest.

According to the police the suspects would be made to give their statement after which they would be process for court.

Meanwhile, information gathered is that their arrest will lead the police to their paymasters who are using them for the construction works on the land.



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