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Prostate Cancer Now Common Among Most Ghanaians – Dr. Bosompem

The Chief Executive Officer of Nkwahia Natural Centre at Agona Nyakrom in the Central Region, Dr. Philip Arkoh Bosompem has warned that prostate and pelvic cancer, a condition that attacks the urinal bladder of the male and the pelvic of the female is now common in most Ghanaians, affecting about 70% of men and 60% of women.

Dr. Bosompem who disclosed this to africanewsarena at his Centre attributed the high infection rate to excessive intake of alcohol by men, especially the different varieties of bitters currently on the market and other unhealthy related lifestyle such as too much sexual activities with different women, as well the introduction unwanted materials and un-prescribed ointments and concoctions by women into their private parts.

He hinted that the condition is mostly common among the urban folk, affecting people as young thirty five years.

According to him, his Centre has so far treated almost twenty people with such condition through the application of herbal drugs.

He also warned women against bleaching of their skin, as according to him, that also facilitates the infection of other conditions such as skin cancer.

According to him, the sun reflects high ultra violet rays in Africa which penetrates directly into the body, as such removing the top layer of the skin which serves as a protective cover through bleaching exposes the skin to this rays, therefore making the skin to develop cancer

He advised that one can maintain her skin colour not necessarily by bleaching, but by using locally made soap popularly known as “alata samina” and body lotions such cocoa butter to maintain the skin..

Dr. Bosompem also warned women to desist from the intake of un-prescribed drugs to keep shape, stressing that these drugs turn to create stretch marks on their skin which makes them difficult to undergo surgery in case of any eventuality.

By: Robert Ayanful

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