Hon :Hadji mustaphar writes :

Beware of the Greed and wicked men of God. False prophets are abound and all must be careful of them.

Good morning comrade’s
I have listened and read a story on the social media by Rev. Owusu Bempa the so called man of God. I continue to observe my Ramadan fasting with Good health and strength.
I never wanted to respond to such a wicked and misguided comments from a so called Prophet Owusu Bempa, but he must be put at his rightful corner where he belongs. The class of chalatans and fake prophets.

Sadly Rev. Owusu Bempah calls Hon Baba Jamal a Criminal because Hon. Baba Jamal has asked him to stay off the former President John Dramani Mahama. I don’t blame him because he doesn’t have what it takes to understand what he says or maybe what comes out of his mouth stems from his indian hemp and cocain induced prophecies. Otherwise how can a man who claims he is a man of God spew such gabage and unholy words?

In today’s Ghana every individual know Rev owusu bempa as an NPP puppy , even the blind know where you belong and the party you talk for . The only difference between you and the NPP communicators is that
they are being assign for particular studios for party propagander whiles you use the bible and your church to mislead the innocent and attack those who oppose your false prophesies.

It is a well known fact in this country that who Rev Owusu Bempah is cheap fake lair who uses black magic for his work. *We all know your 33 Parrots you use and at the appropriate time will prove to you that you are fake( Rev: ENye confirmed, still in the spiritual realm*
A MAN OF GOD is a person who brings the word of God to guide the people and to teach his followers to build strong faith towards Gods love, care and protection. Rev Owusu Bempa were do u stand in Christianity ? Were is your credibility ? A politician or a man of God ? There are Good men of God in this country but people like u and other ones have dragged Christianity into disrepute.

Ask your self before u emerged, there were many prophet of Doom who have once lived in this country and across , where are they ? And how did they end ? Just remember that darkness can never over come lights is just the matter of time
Rev I dare u to show as just one achievement or contribution from you that has helped the development of mother Ghana, I doubt if u have any. You just hate people who have made enormous and gargantuan achievement towards the development of this nation .
who will be remembered in our history books and in the heart of Ghanaians for ever.

Ex president JohnDramani Mahama will remain beyond your reach till thy kingdom comes , Apart from prophesying the death of celebrities, politicians and old folks, who uou later apologise, for your parochial interest and petty popularity. There is not a single positive achievement this nation can remember you with. JD, undisputed Hero and great achiever for Ghana in all sectors and by all standards, He is unbeatable

Hon : Baba Jamal, have served and contributed to the development of this country in various capacities , He serve as the member of Parliament for the people of Akwatia,
Dept min for various ministries and an astute Lawyer. There are so many projects attributed to his name at his constituency and also across this country.

My advice to you Rev Owusu Bempa is you visit him and get the real meaning of criminality or get a dictionary to help u stay focus and understand the meaning of words before u voice them out or attack people with who have build intergrity over the years.

Stay away from JDM he is no match for u he has a track record. Stayaway from Baba Jamal for even monkeys play by sizes


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