Shehu Dalhu Abdul Mumin Urges Muslims To Avoid All Forms Of Violence During The Elections


Shehu Dalhu Abdul Mumin, Spiritual leader of Ahlulbayt mission and Zongo Chief of Tamale  has advised Muslims to avoid all forms of violence before, during and after the elections.

He said Muslims should portray the discipline of Prophet Muhammad(saww) to allow his  teachings to guide them in all endeavours, adding that they must comport themselves in critical times such as the electioneering to avoid violence.

Speaking during to the media in his palace, he said prophet Muhammad(saww) is the face of  of Peace and followers should be agents of peace in their communities.

He advised the congregants to obey the rules and regulations guiding the elections and report all concerns to the appropriate authorities for redress instead of taking the law into their own hands.

“My advice to you is that after casting your ballot on December 7, leave the scene if you have no additional role in electoral process.

Shehu Dalhu, said that would protect them from falling victim to or getting involved in any form of violence.

“Don’t allow yourselves to be used by politicians to perpetrate violence because when you get hurt in the process no political party will support you and Allah shall question you on how you used your body and soul ,” he said.

He said they should also be mindful of  their interactions on social media platforms to keep safe and advise them not to involve in Insults and spilling hate and lies against others. He advise them to use technology including social media prudently

He advise the youth, to make good use of their strength and opportunities around them.

There are two blessings that no one knows their value until their lost, youth and health. Shehu Dalhu said.
He appeal to the youth to attached great importance to patience, understanding, love, care and humanity.


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