Staff Unions Of GPHA Visit Kpone Unity Terminal Which Is 97% Complete


The Junior and Senior Staff Unions of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority from both the Port of Takoradi and Tema have visited the Kpone Unity Terminal to ascertain the progress of development at that facility by the Port Authority.

The Kpone Unity Terminal is a 40-acre facility also built by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority with an initial intention of making it a new devanning terminal that would take over activities of the Golden Jubilee Terminal.

The Kpone Unity Terminal, approximately 7km from the Tema Port, is envisaged to be soon completed to boost decongestion of the Tema Port from large volumes of import cargo coming through the Port.

A Senior Project Officer at GPHA, Ing. Able Ayamga Akurigo, revealed that the Kpone Terminal project is 97%.

He revealed that with the borders currently opened for human traffic through the airport, a crew from South Africa is expected to arrive and ensure the completion of the project.

The Senior Staff Union Chairman of Tema Port, Henry Kuivi, appreciated the efforts by the engineers to keep the union members abreast with developments at the Unity Terminal and expressed hope that the intended purposes for the terminal is fully realised.

He expressed that the commencement of works on the Terminal is poised to bring many employment opportunities, to Ghanaians as well as revenue to the Port Authority and the nation.

The Senior Staff Union Chairman expressed optimism that “When this place is finally opened, the youth around this area, will also get jobs to do. It will open the opportunity for businesses to come here.”



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