Supreme Head Of Gbese Somnenaa Installs Asofoatse

An Engineer of the Electricity Company of Ghana has been installed as the Asafoatse by the Supreme Head of Gbese Somnenaa Family Nii Doku III.

The two day rituals was performed by Nae Wulomo, Nuuno Akwaa Mensah III, the fetish priestess of Sonmenaa and Gbese. She was assisted by Sakumo Wulomo and Korle Wulomo.

Known in private life as Lionel Nii Akai Nettey with Stool name Christopher Brandford Nettey V, the newly installed Asafoatse is an Engineer of the Electricity Company of Ghana ECG.

At a brief ceremony held at the Gbese Somneena family house, the Supreme Head of the Somnenaa, Nii Doku III reminded the newly installed Asafoatse of what is expected of him and his mandate.

According to him, the role of the Asofoatse is revered and important in the customs and traditions of the Ga State and therefore he must at all times ensure that the dignity and respect accorded to the stool is guarded.

Nii Doku III urged the newly installed Asofoatse to serve the Gbese Mantse, Jaase and the people with honesty and desist from activities that will tarnish the hard won reputation of the Ga customs and traditions and ensure that he work closely with his elders and respect them at all times.

He further urged him to engage him (Nii Doku III) or the elders in the palace for consultation so as to be able to provide progressive leadership for the betterment of Gbese and GaDamgbe at large.

He expressed the hope that the new Asafoatse would justify the confidence reposed in him by the people of Gbese Sonmeena and work diligently.

Nii Doku III revealed that the installation forms part of call by the Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi Bonte on him to provide the people of Gbese with Asafoatse which he (Nii Doku III) promised during his installation as the Supreme Head of the Gbese Somneena Family to do.

He added that the installation will as well foster unity, progress, prosperity and development for people of Gbese and Dangbe at large.

The newly installed Asafoatse Christopher Bradford Nettey V thanked Nii Doku III and his elders for the honour done him and pledged to serve the people of Gbese Somnenaa and Dangbe and would not lord himself over them.

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