Teshie Debunks Gbetsoolo House Arrest Allegations

The Teshie Mantse Palace has debunked allegation on various social media platforms that His Royal Majesty Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra III, Teshie Mantse and a Member of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs is under “House Arrest”.

The Palace in a statement signed by the Teshie Dzasetse, Nii Ashikwei Kwaobotswe II described the allegations as a wicked lie calculated at tarnishing the hard won reputation of the Teshie Mantse.

The statement challenged the faceless ‘coward and pathological liar’ hiding behind a purported Akro Concerned Youth Group, to show his face and true identity and show proof of the allegation.

The statement further challenged the ‘faceless liar’ to come out with documents to show that Teshie Mantse has been detained and therefore cannot travel because his purported date of installation is defective.

“Let all men know by these presents that Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra III was installed as Teshie Mantse on 14th December, 2014 which has been captured and confirmed by the National Register of Chiefs Serial Entry No. 933 and same advertised on page 4 of the Daily Graphic of Thursday, October, 17, 2019.

According to the statement, Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra II since his installation as Teshie Mantse has never been detained by any person and that he has at all material times lived and worked in the ancient Teshie Mantse Palace on his own free will and volition without any let or hindrance.

The statement revealed that, since the failed assassination attempt on Nii Akomfra II in August 2021, he has travelled in and out of the country on two occasions and has been attending regular meetings of the GARHCS and State functions at the Jubilee House, Parliament, LEKMA and several other engagements.

“Therefore, the allegation that he has been prevented from travelling or is running away from his royal duties is also a blatant lie”. The statement noted.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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