Teshie Youth Bare teeth Over NDC Disrespect To Gbetsoolo


The Youth of Teshie have expressed their displeasure over what they described as gross disrespect to their Paramount Chief, Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra III by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to the angry youth the NDC led by their flag bearer and the former President John Dramani Mahama invited the Chiefs and Elders of the Teshie Traditional Council to participate in a mini rally organized by the Ledzokuku Constituency of the NDC but the organizers failed to acknowledge the presence of their Paramount Chief and his deligation.

The youth stated that Gbetsoolo is the landlord of Teshie and has played a major role in ensuring development, peace and Unity in Teshie hence the need to have been given the opportunity to address the gathering especially when the country is going into a crucial election.

They called on John Dramani Mahama and the NDC to apologise to their Chiefs and elders or face their wrath on December 7.

However, this reporter in an interview with the Teshie Mantse and President of Teshie Traditional Council Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra over issue, appealed to the the youth to be calm in dealing with the impasse adding that the failure by the organizers to acknowledge him may be due to an oversight or breakdown of communication.

Gbetsoolo assured the fomer President that the people of Teshie will give their support for his message of Unity, Stability and Development.

He further assured Mr. Mahama that the Chiefs and People of Teshie duly recognise and acknowledge the NDCs phenomenal legacy of roads, classroom blocks, electricity, water and sanitation facilities among others in Teshie.

He said the Chiefs and People of Teshie also believes in the NDCs track record of delivering on its promises hence they have no doubt that if the Party is able to strike the right chords, the election pendulum will swing positively in its favour this time round for both the Presidential and Parliamentary slots.

“The mammoth crowd we saw during the mini rally is a living testimony that the JM & JN ticket is selling like hot cake” and urged the former President to stick to his usual policy of campaigning on issues and trust the voters to make their informed choices on voting day.

Sharing the great lesson he learnt on the day of his installation as Teshie Mantse, Nii Akomfra stated that nature has a unique way of dealing with every crisis situation in life and that no matter what your detractors will do, what is meant to be shall be; simpliciter.

He stated emphatically that if God has really ordained John Mahama as the next President of Ghana no amount of witchery or prayers or even manipulation of the electoral process can prevent Mr. Mahama from becoming the next President.

“Our humble prayer is that when JDM becomes the next President he must give priority attention to the following requests: A well-resourced multi-modal library and ICT centre for Teshie” he noted.

He called on the former President for the amendment of the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands Act, 1994 [Act 481] to vary the inequitable 10:25:20:55 Stool Land Revenue sharing formula in favour of the Traditional Councils. The Revenue to the Chiefs and Traditional Councils must be invested as and when necessary.

He added that the people of Teshie demand that at least 0.05% quota of the annual Tourism Sector revenues generated from festivals, heritage sites, art and crafts villages, gift shops among others should be appropriated to the Chiefs for Community Development. Gbetsoolo further demanded an amendment of the Local Government Act, 2016, [Act 936] to provide for the active participation of Chiefs in Local Government.

He further demanded that the Chiefs should be given a reasonable quota of market tolls, port charges, house levies for Community Development. Gbetsoolo appealed that qualified Chiefs should be considered for appointment as Board Members, Chief Executives and Ministers of State. Finally, The teshie Mantse requested that the monthly stipends of Chiefs should be pegged to the National Minimum Wage or more.

According to him barely 38 days from now Ghanaians will be going to the polls to cast their ballots for their favourite Presidential and Parliamentary Candidates. However expressed fear and apprehension by the brewing tension between the various political actors especially the ruling NPP and the NDC.

Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra cautioned that unless something urgent is done to diffuse the situation this country is likely to be plunged into an unprecedented political crisis adding that as Ghanaians, “we have only one country and have nowhere else to go when our country is plunged into a political crisis hence the need to promote peace before, during and after the election.

He called on all political parties to tone down on the level of acrimony that has characterised their campaigns so far. Gbetsoolo launched a passionate appeal to the National Peace Council, Religious bodies and Organisations, Community Based Organisations, the Diplomatic Community and all peace loving citizens of Ghana to add their voices to the call for peace and stability before, during and after the elections.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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