The Ugly Truth About Food by PigeonUltra

It is difficult to disagree that throughout time, picture-perfect commercials featuring delectable foods and vividly colorful fruits and vegetables have influenced our perception. Have you wondered what happens to food and fruit that is considered “ugly”?

Consider feeding Ghana’s hungry population with the “ugly” vegetables and fruits that are thrown away by our farmers, and local market sellers. According to the 2023 Global Hunger Index (GHI), there are 13 million hungry people in Ghana requiring 1 billion tonnes of food. Since Ghana has around 3.2 million tons of food that have been lost or wasted, it means that approximately half of Ghana’s population would be fed by the “ugly” food.

PigeonUltra is a Ghanaian meal and product delivery company made in Ghana by Ghanaians for Ghana. PigeonUltra has made an unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation which is part of its core values. By leveraging advanced technology, PigeonUltra has perfected delivery experiences across various domains, including restaurants, wine and liquor, groceries, and bakeries. Customers can request delivery services through our user-friendly mobile app, while restaurant owners benefit from the PigeonUltra software that reduces no-shows and enables personalized services.

With local businesses and communities as the key focus of business relationships, PigeonUltra encourages partners to source ingredients from local farms and markets, by emphasizing the reduction of food waste. It is our company’s mission to challenge outdated practices of food handling and delivery. When working with customers and partners, fair pricing is kept in mind as the company only charges a commission rate starting at 5%, which is significantly lower than the industry average of 15-30%.  Additionally. PigeonUltra takes full responsibility for its riders by providing them with a motorcycle for work that includes insurance coverage, maintenance, fuel, and monthly wages with personalized incentives. 

PigeonUltra is not “just” a meal delivery company; it’s a social enterprise that prioritizes positive impact both locally and nationally. The company sets a new standard for the delivery and food industry, demonstrating that a successful and profitable business can be both responsible and ethical. 

The way that the “perfect” commercials shape consumer behavior is influencing retailers and farmers to adjust to the ever-expanding demands for flawless food. At PigeonUltra, we’re pushing the boundaries and asking you, the customer, to expect better from us, while keeping the “ugly” food in mind! 
As we go beyond boundaries, we encourage you to accept the “ugly” foods and lower your defenses to try various meat cuts that might become your new favorite. We also encourage you to explore the world of unorthodox cuisine with us and experience the variety of flavors that “ugly” food has to offer.
The next time you place an order for groceries have an open mind when your garden egg is Grade A bruised a bit!

The “ugly” food movement, which attempts to reduce waste and question the aesthetic standards in the food industry, is supported by PigeonUltra! We encourage you to support our local shops under Virtual Shops found on the PigeonUltra app on Apple or Google Play or connect with us at www.pigeonultra.com.  

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