UBA Group Managing Director Holds Fruitful Meeting with Bank of Ghana Governor

The Group Managing Director (GMD) of UBA Group, Mr. Oliver Alawuba, recently paid a working visit to the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Mr. Ernest Addison, in a meeting that underscored UBA’s commitment to regulatory compliance and strategic expansion in Ghana and beyond.

Mr. Alawuba assured Governor Addison that UBA would continue to adhere to regulations and notices issued by the Bank of Ghana, particularly in relation to the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme, demonstrating the bank’s unwavering commitment to compliance and operational integrity.

The Group MD of UBA Group also highlighted significant developments within UBA’s operations in Ghana, including the construction of a new Head Office, signalling the bank’s long-term investment in the country’s financial landscape. Furthermore, he revealed UBA’s intention to expand its presence to all 16 regions of Ghana, aiming to foster financial inclusion and accessibility across the nation.

In a strategic move to nurture young talent, Mr. Alawuba disclosed that UBA had initiated a flagship programme to recruit and groom young graduates. He expressed confidence that these individuals would assume key positions within the bank in the next five years, emphasizing UBA’s commitment to youth development and succession planning.

Mr. Alawuba announced UBA’s plans to redeploy staff to other subsidiaries of UBA Plc, reflecting the bank’s strategic realignment and optimization of resources across its global network. He also informed the Governor that the UBA Group will celebrate 75 years while the Ghana subsidiary will celebrate 20 years of operation.

On the regulatory front, Governor Addison provided insights into Ghana’s economic landscape, acknowledging the challenges the country had faced in recent years. However, he expressed optimism about the economy’s resilience, citing positive indicators such as declining inflation and interest rates.

Moreover, Governor Addison confirmed the approval of Uzo as the Managing Director/CEO of UBA Ghana, signalling confidence in UBA’s leadership transition process. He encouraged Uzo to proactively address any issues that would facilitate a smooth transition and uphold the bank’s position in Ghana’s banking sector.

Overall, the meeting between Mr. Alawuba and Governor Addison served as a platform for fruitful discussions on regulatory compliance, strategic expansion, and the broader economic landscape, reaffirming UBA’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and driving sustainable growth in Ghana and beyond.

Accompanying the UBA Group MD were Abiola Bawuah, Executive Director of the UBA Group and CEO for UBA Africa with responsibility over 19 subsidiaries, and Uzoechina Molokwu, Managing Director for UBA Ghana.

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