We Must Blend Our Tradition And Religion For Peaceful Coexistence – Shehu Dalhu Abdul Mumin To Muslims

The Chairman of National Association of Zongo Chiefs in Ghana, Zongo Chief of Tamale and Spiritual Leader and Chief Imam of Ahlulbayt Muslim community in Northern Ghana, Shehu Dalhu Abdul Mumin has urged the Muslim community in Ghana not to abandon their good traditions and that does not contradict Islamic teachings and humanity. There are some we need to grip firmly but others we should excuse, he said.
According to him, the adulteration of our traditional with foreign traditions in the name of religion and westernization are the root cause of the fading away of our unique identity.
He observed that, our traditional dressing, values,language, food and some customs are unique characteristics of a true identity,and that these needs to be protected for ages.
He denounced the notion that our tradition is ‘evil.’
Shehu Dalhu said, as a traditional ruler who double as a religious scholar he is urging the people to promote good traditions that does not contradict morality and humanity.
Shehu Dalhu’s office in collaboration with ONGA have organised series of events to mark this year’s Damba festival.
Among others are Islamic Quiz competition for the youth on the history and moral conduct of prophet Muhammad(SAWW)
The competition dubbed “Dalhu Damba Contest” fully sponsored by Onga started with a Quiz competition for Islamic schools, Smock wear and Dancing competition for communities, Cooking competition for men and will be climax with Maulid Nabii on Saturday 22nd October 2022.
He said the idea behind these competitions is to blend religion with good tradition for peaceful co-existence.
Prices sponsored by Onga were given out to deserving participants who excelled in the various competition.
Shehu Dalhu reiterated that, The Damba festival celebration is connected the birth celebration of Prophet Muhammad(SAWW) and therefore urged the people to participate in such a good tradition.
The Imam also questioned why we don’t encourage smock wearing to mosque and other religious functions
We must project our tradition and imbibe the good ones in our religion,” he said.
He also debunked the notion that cooking and other household chores are female job. He encouraged the people abandon the belief that cooking for the family is strictly the responsibility of women.
Shehu Dalhu said, Prophet Muhammed during his time on earth was assisting his wives in the kitchen and that as Muslims, and followers of Prophet Muhammed, they must emulate that and assist their wives with household chores especially when wives are not in better conditions.
Shehu Dalhu also commended Onga for the initiatives and support.
He called on the people to patronize the Onga brand for more future collaborations

The Dalhu Damba contest started with the Quiz competition in Islamic schools followed by the dancing and cooking competitions and the climsx will be the Maulid Nabii celebration the on 22nd of October 2022.

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