We Never Bribed Police To Arrest; They Arrest Evil Doers – Gomoa Fetteh Elders

Elders of the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool expressed disgust at people they described as “aliens” to the Royal Stool, for making spurious allegations that sought to dent the sacred Stool and destroy the image of the Ghana Police Service.

These group of persons, according to the Elders, have hired some journalists whose job is mainly to attack the credibility of the Police Commander, by creating fake stories as though the police are not doing their job.

Speaking in an interview, Sesemuhene and Stool Secretary of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Sesemu Kwesi Duodu, who sounded very bitter at the false publications against the Mankrado and the Central East Regional Police Command, explained that in as much he cannot defend the police or attack them, it is right for him to clear the image of the Gomoa Fetteh Stool by setting the records straight.

He indicated that, attacks on the legitimate occupants of the Gomoa Fetteh Stool have gone on for years; with majority of those cases being led by people who have unduly taken over the Stool.

This development necessitated the creation of the Asafo Group who from time to time, patrol the Gomoa Fetteh Stool lands to do thorough search on some people, estate developers who sometimes take more than what they have acquired and those who have bought lands from unauthorised persons who do not have the capacity to alienate portions of the lands at Gomoa Fetteh.

According to him, whenever the Asafo Group invite these people to the palace to go through their documentations, members of the Asafo Group are labelled “Landguards.”

He stressed however that, members of the Gomoa Fetteh Asafo Group are not land guards as being claimed, and that they are members of the family whose duty it is to protect their property hence any resistance from them against persons who tried to take over their land must not be seen in any bad light.

Meanwhile, he explained that they have decided to inform the police of any activity that goes on within that jurisdiction hence ensure that they report every incident to the police for proper action to be taken.

According to him, when they go to the police at the Central East Regional Command and make complaints, these same people who are not even residing at Gomoa Fetteh will be writing petitions against the police who have been working within the confines of the law.

He cited an example of a recent incident where some fourteen (14) boys who were armed with clubs and deadly weapons invaded their lands in an attempt to attack the Mankrado, were arrested and handed over to the police.

“Soon after that arrest, there were publications alleging that for the mere fact that the police arrested the six suspects, the police is in bad with the Mankrado and that the police has been unprofessional,” he said.

He lamented that the people who are claiming authority over the Gomoa Fetteh Stool and who have been making such unfounded allegations have employed the services of some journalists to be attacking the police whenever their boys are arrested for wrongdoings.

He expressed their readiness to appear before any agency for interrogation.

“We will crave the indulgence of the IGP to look into the matter and if possible, invite us to his office for thorough interrogations,” he said.



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