West Africa Branch Of ICS Holds 3rd AGM And Celebrates 10th Anniversary


The West African branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers has held its third annual general meeting in Ghana which also coincides with that branch of the professional institute’s ten-year anniversary since its formation.

Founded in 1911, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is an internationally recognised professional body in the commercial maritime arena and its membership include shipbrokers, ship managers and agents throughout the world.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers provides the shipping industry with highly qualified professionals by regularly examining its members and equipping them with revised and advanced trends in the contemporary maritime and shipping landscape.

The semi-virtual meeting, was held to elect new executives, recount events of the past 12 months for the institute, challenges encountered, successes chalked as well projections for the future.

The meeting also was to allow for the assessment of the financial report for the West African branch of the institute.

It was also an opportunity for some high achieving members to be awarded for their accomplishments, contributions to the body as well as the wider shipping and maritime industry.

Fred Asiedu Dartey, a former Chairman of the West Africa Branch of the ICS and the Head of Freight and Logistics for the Ghana Shippers’ Authority, said, the ICS West Africa Branch is working towards getting ministerial backing in efforts to eventually make ICS the entry requirement for practice in the maritime industry.

He urged the membership to strive to attain excellence in their various subfields of work in the industry for growth and development.

“I’d like to urge all members that whichever area we find ourselves, to push the limits. If everybody is willing to go 100%, the fact that we are ICS members, we should push 150%,” he encouraged.

The newly elected Chairman of the West Africa Branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, Frank Tony Eshun said during his tenure of office, ICS would be more active in its collaborations in the shipping and maritime industry towards development in the sector.

“Within the next year or two, we will do a lot more in training collaborating with the shipping and port authorities, across West Africa,” he stated.

He encouraged the youth to join the institute as it would enhance their know-how in their respective careers.



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