Zango Women Livelihood & Empowerment Programme Graduates 50 Young Wome


Zango women are endowed with talents in various fields; however, due to financial constraints and other social issues their potentials are not harnessed and the nation does not benefit from their God-given talent.

Whenyou teach someone how to fish, the person will self-reliant and would not need to depend on you again. Zango Women Livelihood and Empowerment Programme (ZANGWOLEAP), is a project that aims to impact the lives of women in Zango communities with entrepreneurial skills under Kuburah Diamonds Foundation has graduated 50 young ladies in a three-week make-up artistry training.

Thegraduation ceremony was on the theme: “Empowering the Zango women into building financial freedom through skills development and capacity building” was held at the Cantoment Police Central Mosque in Accra.

Addressing participants at the ceremony, the founder and President of the Foundation, Ms. Hadizah Ibrahim Sadiq, known on social media as Kuburah Diamonds, stated that the initiative started three weeks ago to train young women in make-up artistry skill.

Kuburah Diamond who advocates on issues affecting Zango communities reiterated the need to empower Zango women and equip them with skills that will impact their livelihoods in the long run. Interested persons in this noble programme can interact with Hadizah I. Sadiq through social media platforms Kuburah Diamond on Facebook and Instagram respectively.

She calls on the dwellers of Zango communities particularly women to follow her on social media and get updates on this and subsequent projects. All stakeholders, interest groups and philanthropists can support this initiative by interacting with her through social media.

She encouraged the graduates to believe in possibility and make their dreams a reality and urged them not to allow themselves to be despair over the saturated make-up business in the country.

Althoughthe make-up artistry market is saturated, the skills they acquired will help them excel. Partners of makeup artistry companies include Fabloox Makeup Artistry, Bally Queen Beauty Studio, Biya’s Glam, Glow and Glitter, Leedean’s Beauty Parlour and Beauty Spot.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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