Zongo Caucus Race: I Will Declare A Day Of Prayers For Those Who Lose Their Lives During Elections – Baba Lamine

The aspiring National Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the National Democratic Congress NDC, Hon. Alhaji Baba Lamine Abu Sadat has said he will lobby for a special day of prayers for people who lose their lives during elections as it is done for the May 9th disaster victims every year.

According to him, those who got injured or died during election were exercising their fundamental human rights by protecting the ballot and got shot and died in the process adding that it may be prudent should a day of prayers is declared as a day of remembrance for their departed souls.

Hon. Alhaji Baba Lamine revealed that majority of the victims of the electoral violence are from the various Zongo and Muslim Communities in the country hence his decision to lobby for a declaration of a special prayers for the victims across the country when given the nod as the National Zongo Caucus Coordinator.

According to him, measures will be put in place to ensure that children of the such victims are given scholarships to study to the highest level of education.

He added that some funds will also be made available for the wives of such victims to enable them engage in some form of business to help them make life more bearable for them.

This and other initiatives he said will be implemented to bring development to the Zongo Communities.

He said initiatives such as scholarships for brilliant students but needy, women and youth empowerment programs, job creation, skills and enterprenuereship programs among others will be provided for the Zongo Communities.

Hon. Alhaji Baba Lamine Abu Sadat therefore assured the people of Zongo that when given the opportunity to serve as the National Zongo Caucus Coordinator, he will ensure that teachers under Islamic unit education across the country will have their allowances restored.

He stated that, he has over the years worked hand in hand with the top hierarchy of the party and has used his good office to support the people within the Zongo communities.

It will be recalled that five people were shot dead and 15 others suffered injuries nationwide during the December 7, 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The incidents,which were recorded between December 7 and 9, 2020, occurred in Central, Greater Accra, Bono East, and Northern regions.

Source: Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

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