4th Africa Public Sector Conference & Awards Moves to Kenya, set to hold in July

Kenya is set to host the 4th edition of the Africa Public Sector Conference & Awards in Nairobi from July 19th to 21ST July at the EMARA Ole Sereni Hotel, Nairobi. 

Themed Towards a Digitized, Green and Resilient Economy: The Role of Public Sector will bring together stakeholders and senior leaders in Africa’s public sector that are leading innovation along sides leading private businesses offering innovative solutions to the public sector to discuss and share insights on their role towards a sustainable economy across Africa.

APSCA 2023 will explore digital trends, innovative ideas, govt policies bothering on the digital economy, clean energy, and best practices that are transforming service delivery and shaping the next generation of the public sector across Africa.

The public sector is faced with increasing pressure to evolve and to offer more “customer-centric and innovative” services, especially at a time when citizen awareness has become a powerful force, due to a greater understanding of rights and responsibilities; better access to information through technology; and higher expectations of service levels.

Africa’s public sector needs to be increasingly innovative to effectively respond to the complex challenges facing society now and in the future. As governments strive to balance priorities and the allocation of scarce resources, new approaches are needed.

“After hosting the previous editions in Rwanda and Ghana, we are excited to be taking APSCA to Kenya.

The level of warmth with which we have been received by stakeholders and players in the Kenyan gov’t and public sector is a beacon of hope to public service across the continent.” Says Mr. Akin Naphtal, Group Executive Publisher for Public Sector Global Magazine, organizers of the thought-provoking event

According to Mr. Naphtal, the role of the public sector, in the economic development of every nation, is highly crucial.

“The development of infrastructure and the provision of basic services lies in the public domain. Societies and nations cannot develop themselves unless supported and controlled by the strong state machinery,” he said.

“Achieving a resilient and sustainable economy will take a collective commitment by stakeholders and decision-makers of African countries alongside, development partners and the private sector to massively scale up resources dedicated to building the foundations of a vibrant, inclusive, and safe digital economy throughout the continent. It will need leadership and a vision to push the frontiers of innovation so that Africa can own its 21st century,” he buttressed.

The conference will also feature an award dinner that will honour, and recognize, outstanding public sector agencies ministries, and individuals, in various capacities of government, who have demonstrated excellence and championed transformations and innovation in their respective fields.

The event will bring together all levels of government stakeholders to network, connect, and showcase international and local case studies on how to be more citizen-centric, innovative, transformative, and sustainable.

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