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5 Years After Castro’s Death: Kaywa Reveals: “Apostle Amoako Attah Gave Castro That Prophesy

One of Ghana’s finest Music producer and sound engineer, David Kojo Kyei, commonly known as Kaywa, who is now an ordained man of God, has made a sterling revelation five years after the sudden death of his bosom friend, Castro of a prophesy which declared that misfortune on Castro.


In a video in which he (Kaywa) was giving a testimony in Church, he revealed that the Founder and Leader of The Parliament Chapel International (Formerly; Freedom Chapel), Apostle Francis Amoako Attah had five years ago, gave a prophesy on the life of Castro.

In that testimony Kaywa said he was in the studio with Castro five years ago, when Castro asked him to accompany him to a Church where he (Castro) was invited for their annual harvest.

“He said unless I go with him, he will not attend the harvest. So we decided to go together. Then, I had a small car, so we left from Tema. On our way from Tema, we had three encounters, which for us was an indication for us not to even come at all. We changed our tyres at 3 different points before finally getting to the church,” he said.

He said: “In the church, I was sitting behind Castro as his friend who has been invited.”

According to Kaywa, after Apostle Francis Amoako Attah who was also invited to that church as a guest pastor, finished preaching, he called Castro forward.


He said: “I am skeptical, I am very particular about prophesies; and he told Castro that, “You, in the very year” Jesus, “In the very year you will become great, in that very year the devil will lift his hands over you.”

Kaywa narrated that Apostle Francis Amoako Attah said two things, would happen in the life of Castro per the prophesy; “He said, either you will be involved in an accident or be drowned.”

Kaywa continued to say that after giving the prophesy to Castro, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah prayed for him.

“After praying for Castro, he called me forward and said, “you I see the hand of God over your life,” I still remember those words correctly, “a time is coming when God will use you mightily, and your name is going to spread across the whole world.”

He said, he got connected to the prophesy and believed that is the manifestation in his life.

According to him, on their way back home from the Church, both of them were discussing what the Man of God said to them, and he told Castro that “it is just one thing, when prophesy comes you have to heed, listen to the voice of the Lord in that prophesy, now Castro is drowned. But I am not looking at Castro, I am looking at my part,” he said.

Kaywa said because of the anointing and the oil on his life, he is not the old Kaywa people used to know, but a changed and a different Kaywa who has put on the full amour of God.

“Those days, it was difficult to get Visa to travel outside. But because of the anointing over my life, I keep on getting invitations to country upon countries not to produce music, but to preach the Word of God; I travel to go and prophesy and to pray for lives to turn around,” he said as he prayed and lifted the name of God high.

According to Kaywa he could heal and do wonderful things in the lives of others by the power given to him by God, through the prophetic declaration on his life by Apostle Francis Amoako Attah, and his decision at the time to heed to the Voice of God in that Prophesy.

It would be recalled that in July 2014, Castro the hip-life artiste, was reported to have drowned in the Volta River at Ada Foah after a failed attempt to save a drowning female friend believed to be his lover.

Reports said Castro De Destroyer was cruising in a Ski Jet on the river with the lady when she fell into the water and in his attempt to save her, he also drowned.





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