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Ada SHS Loses 15 Acres Of Lands To Encroachers

The Ada Senior High School has lost about fifteen acres of their land to encroachers who are fast developing the school’s lands for private residential purposes.

Old students of the school who were contemplating a legal action have finally decided to protect the remaining lands of the school by constructing a complete wall around the school.

The Ada Senior High School for some time now has been battling issues of encroachments and interferences from individual activities from the community.

Cattle owners use the school’s compound as a grazing ground while some people use the campus as footpath.

At an induction of some 772 students who just completed the Ada SHS into the Ada Old Students Association, the old students decided to protect the remaining lands by completing the walling of the school.

The current President of the Old Students association known as ‘Nimelee’ Gideon Ackweh charged members of the association to join hands to end the encroachment issue.

Headmaster of the school, Kojo Kaffui Ativor noted that management has to do more to protect the children from the interferences from outsiders.

He however described the outgoing students as law abiding and expressed optimism that their results would be better.

The District Director of Education, Cynthia Winifred Aku Gbadabu however believe that even though there is the need to wall the secondary schools to prevent encroachments on the school’s lands, management of the schools must ensure discipline in order to keep students on campuses.

Cynthia Winifred Aku Gbadabu, District Director of Education Ada also noted that her district is ready to accept the second-year students back to school.

The 772 students who have completed the Ada Senior High School are expected to join the Nimelee and support build their alma Mata.

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