Accra Gurushie Chief Certified As Greater Accra Council Of Zongo Chiefs Member


Umar Mojo1Chief Alhaji Ibrahim Umar Mojo is the Greater Accra Paramount Gurushie Chief, and a member

The Greater Accra Council of Zongo Chiefs has presented a certificate of membership and recognition to Chief Alhaji Ibrahim Umar Mojo as the Greater Accra Paramount Gurushie Chief, and a registered member of the council.

The registration took effect from 12th December, 2019.

The certificate of recognition mandate Chief Ibrahim Umar Mojo to settle disputes among his people and ensure that Peace, Harmony and Tranquility prevail in his area of rule.

Chief Alhaji Ibrahim Umar Mojo was installed as the Greater Accra Gurushie Chief in 2019 in consultation with the elders of the Gurushie Communities across the country.

He was the Ayawaso Gurushie Chief for about 18 years and later became the Greater Accra Gurushie Chief.

Chief Ibrahim Mojo has gone through all the mandatory requirements and processes to be a registered and certified member of the Greater Accra Council of Zongo Chiefs.

In an interview with the media, Chief Mojo appealed to the Gurushie Communities in Accra to forge ahead in unity for the betterment and development of the Gurushie people.

According to him his doors are open to all. He noted that so far as unity and development of Grushie communities is concerned he is ever ready to ensure that each community gets what is due them. He stressed that the time has come for the Gurushie communities to know each other and live in harmony with other tribes.

He stressed on the need for every Gurushie to invest in the education of their children and help one another in order to have a stronger foundation for Gurushie communities in years to come.

Chief Umar Mojo advised the Gurushie’s in Ghana to join hands to tackle the common problems of poverty in their society. He therefore called on the youth to use their energy on productive things that will bring profit to themselves and the society.

According him, his vision is to ensure that education especially the girl child is achieved with the production of Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and among others.

He assured that he is ready to support all interested people who may need him on any issue that will inure to the welfare of the Gurushie people in Ghana.

He pledged to take steps to promote and project the culture and image of the Gurushie people.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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