Another Peace Song From Osagyefo; “FREE YOURSELF” 

Finally, the much-awaited peace track, “FREE YOURSELF” from Edward Osagyefo, the Musical Eagle, has been released.

The new song, “FREE YOURSELF,” has been put together as a form of admonishing to the youth on how they can free themselves from political violence and the influence from politicians who are expecting to use them to perpetrate violence and cause destruction.

According to him, violence is a deadly disease that disturbs the peace and retard progress and development hence, there is the need for the youth, especially to be on guard during this time of elections.

He said, politicians who are hungry for power will come to the youth with mouthwatering deals just to get them to do things that will mar the peace of the nation.

The song, he said is typically calling for peace and nothing more.

Edward Osagyefo who has been a strong advocate and a voice against Xenophobic attacks, Racism and Black Slavery in African countries making him sweep the Central Media Awards 2020 and Talents House.

He also won the Best International Act of the Year and Dancehall/Reggae Song of the Year Awards.

It would be recalled that Edward Osagyefo launched his campaign for peace after the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa which sprouted across other African countries with the song “SAY NO TO XENOPHOBIA.”

The Song is an awakening call on Africans to stay United in peace for development.

He sent a Peace Message across through the African continent, stressing the scourges of Xenophobia, Black Slavery and Racism.

Xenophobia, Black Slavery and Racism he said, are taken over the place of peace and unity in Africa and that it is time Africans stood up and say “NO” to what he described us evils.

Edward Osagyefo has been instrumental in ensuring that the youth resists any temptations that will lead them to violence.

Edward Osagyefo joined Ghanaian Celebrities, living home and abroad, on a campaign dubbed “COVID-19 Cure; Africa Must Look Within.” The campaign which is powered by Think Media Expert, is an appeal to Africa leaders to look within for a cure for the novel Coronavirus that is sweeping the whole world.

He also won this year’s Discovery of The Year Award at the Ghana Youth Entertainment Awards with his song, ‘Xenophobia,’ making it the 5th time he won an award with the Xenophobia song.

His latest song, “FREE YOURSELF” is trending on all digital platforms.


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