Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH) a civil society group has blamed government of Ghana for the arrival of Corona Virus (convid 19) in Ghana.

According to the group, government negligence and lack of putting pragmatic measures in place at the various entry points, especially the airport is the reason why the two cases of Corona Virus convid 19 was recorded in Ghana.

In a statement signed by the Executive Secretary of the group, Mr. Azubila Salam Emmanuel stated, it is undoubtedly fact that, any serious government who actually care about the people of Ghana could have procure Corona Virus convid 19 detective devices and supply it to the security at all the major entry points such as airport and boarder cities to subject visitors into proper medical screening before allowed to enter the country.

According to him, checks reveals that, people arriving in the country through the airport only fill a form that ask them whether they experience any headache, cold and among others which those forms are submitted to the airport authorities and that is all.

The executive secretary of ADAM-GH Azubila described this action of government of Ghana as a big joke and lack of commitment to protect Ghanaians adding that, it is so disturbing that, government will be boasting of allocating money to fight Corona Virus convid 19 without any physical or practical measures put in place.

According to him, he strongly believe that it is a grand agenda by government to squander taxpayers money as usual and not about protecting the interest of Ghanaians against the deadly virus.

“It’s sometimes funny hearing government arguing about money allocation to health ministry as government preparedness to fight the virus” he noted.

“One may ask that, those affected countries across the world was it the case that they don’t have such amount Ghana allocated to fight the virus? Is Ghana richer than China?”.

“The answer is no therefore, it is about measures put in place and not about the money”.

He said, Instead of government putting pragmatic measures to prevent the virus from entering Ghana, government reluctantly sat down and allowed poor Ghanaians to contract this deadly virus and perish because of negligence.

The government he said is only interested in huge and inflatable budget to consume taxpayers money for no work than.

“How can Government task ministry of Communication to go all over the country to campaign and creat awareness of the prevention of convid 19 meanwhile, we have media stations and NCCA to as the matter of urgency do vigorous sensitization campaign?” he asked.

He said Delegating the Minister of Communication to form teams to visit various towns and villages is just for usual job for the boys political gymnastics and nothing better adding that it is just aiming at mere political purpose to win 2020 elections and nothing more.

“If the president really want to create awareness, the president should have urgently call all our media stations, give them the needed resources together with NCCA by now to embark on this campaign” he added.

The Executive Secretary also challenged the President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo and his 120 Ministers to answer the following questions for Ghanaians:

Which flight brought the two persons that have the virus?

How many passengers arrived in the same plane?

Which actual date did the plane arrived?

Has government done anything to trace all the passengers that came in the same flight?

If government did traced all the passengers that came in the same flight, can government please confirm if these passengers have been quarantined and screened?

If they are not traced and quarantined, does that mean those shared seat with the affected persons are freely spreading the Corona Virus in the country?

Based on this should we expect more cases in the coming weeks as a country?

And finally, were the two cases detected at the airport or the affected persons reported to the hospitals themselves?

What is Ghanaians crime having leaders in government who careless about the plight of the masses?

Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana ADAM-GH is so disappointed in government negligence for Ghana to record Corona Virus in the country.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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