Bobie Ansah Defends The Akyem Leadership


Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah, Host of the Citizen Show on Accra FM has defended the Akyem Leadership and indicated that Honourable Atta Akyea is at liberty to tell the significant existence of the Akyems.

He said the Akyems are also Ghanaians and that there is every reason for each of them to be proud of their root.

Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah was responding to a message he got from a friend who asked him why he (Bobie) refused to comment on the Atta Akyea “Akyem” statement on Metro TV and why he did not discuss it on his show.”

He indicated that his response was not to hit at the friend for asking such a question but that the question was “needless.”

He said: “What did Atta Akyea say that’s soooo damning? Similarly a Gonja can also say same about the significant existence of Gonjas to the development of Ghana, so as a frafra, a Ga, Ewe, Nzema, Bono’s, fantis and all tribes or ethnic groups can also tell their stories.”

Bobie Ansah also indicated that the sloppy side is when one decides to demean the other which Atta Akyea never did.

“Just tell your story and leave Atta Akyea alone,” he stated.


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