Chief Mojo Installed As Grushie/Sisala Association President

In a well-organized and colourful ceremony held on February 17, at the forecourt of the National Mosque in Accra, Chiefs, elders and the entire Grushie/Sisala Association in Greater Accra superintended over the installation of Chief Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim Mojo as the President of Grushie/Sisala Association in Southern Ghana.

The installation of the Grushie/Sisala President was to rekindle the unity and peaceful co-existence the two tribes had enjoyed during the days of their grandfathers.

History has revealed that the father of the newly installed Grushie/Sisala Chief was the Chief of the Grushie people in Accra whose efforts and hard work brought peace and unity among the Grushie/Sisala people.

The installation of was done through due process after which he was chosen as the one to lead the Grushie/Sisala communities.

Chief Mojo’s track records in the area of service to his Community and humanity, coupled with his philanthropic gestures and sterling leadership qualities won the heart of many compelling the Chiefs and elders to install him as the President of Grushie/Sisala Association.

He was tasked to use his wealth of experience in service to strengthen the unity of the two tribes. After his installation as the President of the Association, Chief Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim Mojo also turbaned his cabinet members to steer the affairs of the palace.

The coronation of the cabinet members forms part of his efforts to improve the well-being of the Grushie/Sisala communities under his jurisdiction and Ghana at large.

Chief Ibrahim Mojo who doubles as the Greater Accra Paramount Chief of Grushie is a philanthropist whose major concern is  education, youth and women empowerment within the Greater Accra Region and beyond.

As part of efforts to achieve his goals, he turbaned nineteen (19) cabinet members and three (3) sub-chiefs to spearhead the activities of the Grushie/Sisala communities in the Greater Accra Region with the aimed of ensuring unity, development and peaceful co-existence among both tribes as well as other tribes in Ghana.

The newly installed cabinet members are to promote and project the interest of the Grushie/Sisala communities.

The cabinet members and the sub-chiefs were also tasked to work hard and as well coordinate the activities of the palace and also share ideas with the Chief towards the development of the Gurushie communities.

They were advised to respect and serve the people and not to lord them over them well as be submissive to the elders of all the tribes in the country as it will make the Grushie/Sisala community in Ghana more attractive and vibrant.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Grushie/Sisala Chief expressed his profound gratitude to the elders of Grushie/Sisala communities in Ghana for their unwavering support.

He assured the elders and the entire people of Grushie/Sisala that he will ensure that the unity and peaceful co-existence between the two tribes are strengthened adding that with the support of his cabinet members unity and development is assured.

He called on the newly turbaned members to forge ahead in unity, respect one another’s views and opinion and bring initiatives that will improve the living standards of the people Grushie/Sisala.

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