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Christmas Made Easy In Ada, Thanks To Electrochem And Dr Daniel Mckorley

The economic situation being experienced currently across Ghana was not felt much in Ada especially Sege because of the benevolence of Dr Daniel Mckorley (McDan), the CEO of Electrochem Ghana Ltd and Group Chairman, McDan Group of Companies during this Christmas.  

There was money and life was good because of the position taken by Mcdan to allow the locals to do what they used to do earlier ‘ATSIAKPO’ though the effect would be on him and his company, Electrochem Gh Ltd.

Two years ago, Electrochem Ghana limited started operations in the lagoon with the hope of transforming the lagoon to position it as an industry ready to produce the highest quality salt for both domestic and industrial consumption. The company since its inception has witnessed several acts of setbacks from a few people who felt things were not done their way, in spite of that the company proved beyond doubt that it is capable of the mandate given it by the stake holders.

Due to the hardship in the country the CEO, Dr Daniel McKorley, in October, 2022, decided to extend a hand of help by allowing the locals to mine salt for themselves for three months, starting November to end of January, 2022 within the concession. This news came as a surprise to a lot of Adali but that was his way of expressing love for the people of Ada contrary to the perceptions people held about him.

Today, the locals are back to their old sites mining salt and making some good money. This has eased the pressure on them and this was reflective in the Christmas celebrations. People have even concluded that Ada as the hub for the celebrations and unlike previous when these celebrations were headed by outsiders, this year the locals let the celebration.

The celebration of a popular annual festival by the youth of Sege in the Ada West District (Sege), of the Greater Accra region of Ghana has also receive a very good patronage compared to the past few years. The overall celebrations in Ada especially, Sege was quite massive and fingers can only be pointed at the good will of McDan towards the people of Sege and Ada at large.

Electrochem, though only two years old has done a lot for the people of ada and the expectation is that the relationship will continue to grow so the communities continue to enjoy from the company. The women will continue to thank Electrochem and Dr McKorley for the 3million interest free loan, the people of Lolonya are also saying God bless you for the ultra-Morden toilet facility, Sege is saying same for the sports complex still under construction, the various communities across the Ada West District will forever remain grateful for the massive support during the water crises as well as the help during the rains when some communities experience some flooding across the District.

Work is currently ongoing to complete the remaining community pans to ensure that the locals are taken care of once the January dead line was over. Areas such as Toflokpo, Salom, Matsekope and others are all seeing some massive work being done on the community pans so as to serve the communities once they are asked to vacate where they are currently working to pave way for the continuation of the redevelopment in the Songor Lagoon.

One can simply conclude that, Dr McKorley has always placed the people of Ada first even before the interest of his company Electrochem Gh Ltd because even without making profit the people can point at the many corporate social interventions he has carried out across the entire Ada state.


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