Customs Warn Public Against Online Auctions


The Principal Revenue Officer in Charge of Customs Auctions, Mr. Prince Akwaboah has hinted that the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority is considering online means of auctioning general goods and vehicles in order to broaden its reach.

The head of auctions of Customs revealed that, the procurement plans are advanced to select the technology partner for that service.

Mr. Akwaboah, however warned that until a formal announcement is issued by the Ghana Revenue Authority, the Authority does not conduct online auctions and the public should treat any current advertisement of that nature in the name of the GRA as fraudulent.

“I would like to caution the public that we have not started online auctions yet,” he stressed.

Speaking on Eye on Port, the Principal Revenue Officer in Charge of Customs Auctions disclosed that reports coming to the attention of the Division is that some unknown individuals or syndicates have already began conducting online auctions in the guise of the Ghana Revenue Authority which is threatening.

He said such entities should not be engaged, and GRA would widely publicize its announcement when a well-secured online auction system is in place.

Mr. Akwaboah said in efforts to bridge the identified information gap between his outfit and the public, the Customs Division of GRA would continue to embark on extensive engagements towards fully eliminating the myth of cars being sold at the port.

He emphasized that cars are not sold at the country’s ports by GRA or any of its allied institutions working at the ports.

The Principal Revenue Officer in Charge of Customs Auctions disabused the false public perception that what is casually termed as auction cars are always readily available for purchase.

Instead he said, auctions on cars are not frequent, and it takes a thorough process for cars to be marked for auction and even in that case, announcements are made in the nationwide circulated daily newspapers.

“Auctions are not done daily, they are done periodically, and you would have to be present and partake in the bidding process,” he clarified.

He stated that the purpose of auctions is for the state to retrieve duties of uncleared goods and that the reserve price for auction goods such as vehicles are equivalent to the duties.




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