Don’t Be Used As Tools of Violence … Abese La Chief Tells Youth


Chief of Abese La Adonten, HDH. Nii Kwade Okropong I, has called on Ghanaians especially the GaDangbe youth not to allow themselves to be used by any political party to create tension in the upcoming general election slated for December 7, 2020.

According to him, most GaDangbe youth are used during political campaign by politicians to not only foment trouble but for other acts and later dumped after the elections.

Nii Kwade Okropong I said this in a short peace campaign video aired on Obonu Television and monitored by this reporter. He urged the youth to desist from any acts that will not inure to their benefit. He also advised them to make a wise decision when casting their votes and also use the little time they have to embark on productive activities that will enable them become better people to the society.

He added that most of the youth are often influenced with paltry sums of money to undertake activities which eventually ends some of them in hospital whilst others end up loosing their lives or being maimed and as a result become a burden on their families.

He said, there is only one Ghana and therefore can not afford to jeopardize the peace the nation is currently enjoying. He added that Ghanaians especially the GaDangbe have learnt a lot of lessons
about how they were used in the past and later dumped and will therefore not allow themselves to be use in any form of act that will not be beneficial to them.

He urged Ghanaians to abide by the rules and regulations set-up by the Electoral Commission on the voting day and advise that it is inappropriate for one to wear a political party dress or paraphernalia to a polling centre.

This he said will avoid political conflict and unnecessary problems on election day and advise all political parties to desist from politics of insults and rather tell the people what they have to offer when they are voted into power.

By Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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