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Educate The Next Generation To Be Responsible Ga Citizens – McDan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley, has urged leaders of Ga Adangbe to educate the next generation of youth to be responsible Ga citizens.

According to him, Ga Adangbes must focus more on developing and promoting the youth to be ready for opportunities as they emerge rather than dividing themselves on party political lines which at the end, would bring nothing to them.

In his New Year message to the people of Ghana Adangbe, Daniel McKorley indicated that the youth of Ga Adangbe must be prepared and that where preparedness meets opportunity, success is inevitable.

“At times, when we get the opportunities we are not ready but as a young man who is angry for success, you have to be ready so that when the opportunity comes, you will be able to grab it and run with it. So always keep at the back of your mind that where preparedness meets opportunity, success is inevitable. Avoid partisan politics and focus on your goals as a people,” he said.

He however advised them to build networks to establish and determine their success in future.

According to McDan, success doesn’t happen overnight, and that politicians cannot guarantee that to the people but that it will take the determination and unity of purpose by the people to become successful and build their land.

He also stressed that there are simply no short-term deadlines to succeed and that instead of trying to emulate those quick and flashy success stories, or join political parties to play party politics, they “should work towards longer-term career goals that are built on unity. This will help you build resilience and accumulate a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience for you to develop yourselves and the Ga land.”.”


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