EXPSOED: Akuapem South MCE Exchanges Railway Metals For Cash


The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Akuapem South, Frank Aido, has been exposed for allegedly cutting and selling out Railway metals to scrap dealers at the cost of GHC 300,000.00.

This development is believed to be happening at the blind side of the Railway Authority.

It has been gathered that, approximately 10 tipper trucks carrying these materials have been relocated to an undisclosed destination in the MCE’s last business deal with the scrap dealers.

Information has it that, on February 14, 2024, railway metals were removed at Parkro in the Akuapem South Constituency by a dealer from Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

These railway metals were originally sourced from Mangoase village in the Eastern Region and transported to Parkro for reasons unknown.

Upon confrontation by community members, it was revealed that this removal of railway metals was not authorized hence, the residents of Parkro halted the movement of the metals and engaged the Youth Leader of the community.

It was determined during that engagement that, the MCE of Akuapem South, Honorable Frank Aido, must be consulted before any further action could be taken.

In view of that, the said load remained in Parkro until a purported call from the MCE allowing the movement of the load to proceed, a decision reportedly aligned with directives from the Railway Authority.

Acting on the authority of the MCE, the dealer who has set up base in Parkro continued with the cutting and removal of the railway metals along a stretch exceeding 5 kilometers.

Subsequent actions taken by the dealer to remove the railway metals along a stretch exceeding 5 kilometers have transformed the area to such an extent that the previous existence of a railway on that land is barely recognizable.

Several attempts by local authorities, particularly the police service from Mangoase to Adowso, to intervene and stop the activities were allegedly overruled by directives said to have been issued by the Akuapem South MCE, Frank Aido.

This situation raises concerns regarding proper authorization, transparency, and adherence to regulatory procedures in handling such activities within the community.

Residents are calling for further investigation and clarification from relevant authorities are urgent to address these grievances and ensure compliance with established guidelines.


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