Former MX24-TV News Anchor Carlos Calony Bags 1st Class, Named ‘Overall Best Journalism Student’ At UniMAC’s 2021/2022 Graduation 


A former MX24-TV news anchor Carlos Lorlornyo Atsu Calony, also known as Carlos Calony in the Ghanaian media space, has been honoured for being the overall best journalism student at the just-ended first convocation of the University of Media, Arts, and Communication (UniMAC) formerly the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) in Accra.

He earned a first-class high grade in addition to being recognized for his broadcast journalism capabilities in his class at UniMAC’s 2021/2022 graduation. As part of his award, Carlos will be traveling to South Africa on an all expense paid trip put together by Brand South Africa.

Carlos Calony, who is currently enrolled at the same university pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing, first gained recognition from the school in 2022 for his exceptional academic accomplishments after being recognized on the Vice-Chancellor’s List.

While in school, Carlos was chosen by his fellow students at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) to lead an intercourse-simulated political debate due to his talent in public speaking and propensity for social action.

Due to his enthusiasm for journalism, Carlos balanced his academic work with a variety of commitments, including his family, religious activities, and traditional journalism practice.

He spent a number of years working as a freelancer for Accra-based Citi FM / Citi TV and completed an internship at Obonu FM in Tema, operated by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation GBC, where he got the chance to co-anchor the station’s main news programme. Carlos also worked as a full-time journalist for Accra-based MX24-TV while he was still in school, serving in a variety of roles, including being the station’s main news anchor, host of the Spotlight show, parliamentary correspondent, producer, assistant news editor, and Tema regional correspondent, among others. Carlos Calony was also shortlisted for the BBC’s iconic Komla Dumor award in 2022.

A gifted presenter for television and radio, Carlos is praised by many for his rich baritone voice and unique on-air style, which some compare to that of the late ace broadcaster Komla Dumor.

Carlos Calony has professional capabilities and practical expertise in business news reporting, climate and environment reporting, documentaries, feature storytelling, etc. spanning well over a decade. He possesses a variety of practical skills in production, presentation, screenwriting, and video editing among others. Carlos, who is now volunteering for a US-based NGO known as Journey to Destiny – Cogic Journey Center, is looking forward to working full-time for any of Ghana’s influential media brands.

Speaking with the media on the sidelines of the convocation in Accra, he encouraged his fellow graduates and aspiring journalists to place a high value on acquiring practical skills through volunteering.

“Since journalism is believed to be unprofitable in Ghana, many students are now choosing to study Public Relations and Marketing”, he noted, adding that “even though that might be true to a large extent, I think that being a journalist in this age and time of artificial intelligence, AI demands that one acquaints him or herself with the necessary technological skills to remain relevant.”

Therefore, he advised young and aspiring Ghanaian journalists to “be humble, learn from your seniors, and develop practical skills” rather than seeking fame or wealth while they were just getting started.


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