Ga-Dangbe Music & Dance At Its Best Again

Tesaa Cultural Troupe has done it again.

The unique performance of the Tesaa Cultural Troupe was adjudged the best dance and music group at the just ended 2021 Greater Accra Regional Dance and Music Championship.

The event which was organized by Ghana Dance Association in the region saw the 15 members Tesaa Group perform back to back of its dance and music shows which the panel cannot sit for nothing but rather yearn for more.

The Founder and the Leader of the Tesaa Cultural Troupe, Mr. Emmanuel Ampofo is in the view that it time for government to put resources to boost the arts industry to encourage the youth to realize their talents.

The Tesaa Cultural Troupe which is one of the renowned troupes in Ghana, through it unique traditional music and dance performances has reserve style of organize workshops, seminars, coaching and teaching which seen both local and international student and interested person whom are willing to learn our tradition culture taking part.

It is against this backdrop that the Tesaa Cultural Troupe undoubtedly was awarded the best traditional dance music in the 2020 VGMA award.

The Tesaa Troupe which is schedule to tour the US for a year, has start rigorous  rehearsals with all groups members with hope to give their audience the unique traditional performance with high spirit to promote the unique tradition dance and music.

The tour which is being organized by the JHP cultural diversity legacy legacy and jackstraw cultural center, both in US have also share same view about the unique performance which they are very optimistic that the Tesaa tour will be used to promote the reach tradition dance and music.


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