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GEID Hub Organization To Launch Ghana’s Development Forum

GEID Hub Organization will on September 5, 2020, launch the Ghana’s Development Forum (GDF), a grassroots initiative, to transform the mindset of entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and help develop communities and the country.

The event is also aimed at promoting entrepreneurs and their businesses in the global market as an idea to bring effective change and transformation.

Speaking to Alfred Kojo Appiah, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BID Network and GEID Hub Organization, the GDF initiative was created in the spirit of Sparrow Connect mission to research and discover “ideas worth sharing” as well as passionate individuals who seek to uncover new ideas and to share the latest research in their local areas to bring development in their communities.

“GDF event will be a local and international set up gathering where presentations will be shared with the community, individuals and the nation at large. These events will be fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis,” he said.

According to him, at the end of the event, industries will be connected to entrepreneurs with the right idea for their partnerships and build group of entrepreneurs and influencers that is passionate, committed and result-oriented.

“We are also anticipating creating a new channel of employment in the country, ensure Governments policy to help develop more entrepreneurial businesses in the country,” he said and averred that start-ups and small scale businesses will be taught to be ready for the revolution to empower the country through its entrepreneurs and development.

He said: “Mission is to welcome people from every discipline and culture who seeks a deeper understanding to transformation, to setup and promote a platform for showcasing and explaining genuine developmental plans and ideas that are backed by facts, to discover, train and nurture the minds of the young Ghanaian entrepreneur, innovator, businessmen and women to help bring developments, proper structured projects, implementation plans, and raise great leaders for a better tomorrow, today.”

Alfred Kojo Appiah also pointed out that the GDF initiative will raise lively industries where entrepreneurs with great talents, skills and gifts will be made manifest in creative and innovative thinking to help build better leadership skills for development and infrastructure, also to become visionaries and make a difference in building GHANA as a great nation.

He also noted that discussion during the events will have up to 50 people We believe in a Ghana that is economically stable and its people financially stable.

“We want to create the platform to start the dialogue on how to achieve that. With a new way of thinking, a fresh look and a new approach to empower the nation’s entrepreneurs, innovators, businessmen and women for economic growth. The forum will help develop more and strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation in Ghana as well as selected young businessmen and women,” he added.

Alfred Kojo Appiah also noted that the forum will foster other upcoming industries and industrial minded individuals who are ready for the revolution and transformation yet to come and that the forum all their forums will have sections for refreshments, Exclusive interviews, message from our Partners and Sponsors, performance from upcoming music artist, Artist and others from selected industries depending on the event at hand.

He revealed that he will also be launching another project and group called ‘DIPLOMATS.’

About Alfred Kojo Appiah

He is the C.E.O and Founder of BID Network and Wayforward Ghana with over 55 thousand connection all over the world.

He is the Host of the Fathers Joy Talk Show and The Regret Talk Show, A social media TV program aims to inspire, educate, encourage, motivate, and inform the world.

Alfred Kojo Appiah is a Ghanaian Renowned motivational speaker, an Entrepreneur, article writer, talks Show host, Corporate Event Organizer, Advertiser, and a friend of many. A Business Developer with over 8 years of experience, a conference speaker with several abilities in motivating and encouraging thousands of people.

As a motivational speaker and an Entrepreneur, he uses the catchphrase:    “It’s possible and believes in your dreams”

By: Prosper Agbenyega

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