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Management During Crisis Is Key To Sustainability – Apostle Francis Amoako Atta

Apostle Francis Amoako Atta, Founder and Leader of Parliament Chapel International has charged Africans to be good managers of their scarce resources in times of crisis.
According to him, as human beings, we are bound to face several crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, but the most important thing according to him is how we manage the situation in order to stay through unbroken.
“Our management of crisis is very important to our lives and to the growth of our families. In times of crisis what we have to do is to manage what we have to ensure sustainability.”
Apostle Francis Amoako Atta was speaking on Angel fm where he dissected the importance of management in the COVID-19 era and other crisis situations.
He averred that Management has become the biggest problem facing Africans.
According to him, the inability of people to manage themselves and the little thy have to be able to survive crisis situations, makes government close down schools and churches because “even for the church it is a problem. That is why in times of crisis, government have no option but to close down schools and churches. If these groups are allowed to operate everybody would die because we can’t manage the situation well.”
He also stressed that crisis situations come with their corresponding hurdles including job losses, fall in one’s revenue and wages, closure of banks, income losses, hunger and even death but effective management of whatever you have will determine how you can survive the situation.
He pointed out that, crisis situations are not periods for people to live luxurious lives but it is time for all to live within our means, saying that people must learn to determine their needs from their wants in times of crisis.
“It is better to use your Toyota than flex in someone’s range rover. It helps to make savings to cater for your life after the crisis,” he said and maintained that until people take this golden rule to action, they would always find it difficult to survive and come through crisis situation with ease.
Speaking to this reporter via telephone interview, he narrowed his teaching down to the family where he noted that, wives must learn to manage the little they receive from their husbands in these trying times.
“This is the time wives should manage what they have and they must appreciate in time of crisis whatever their husbands have provided. One thing they must know is that, in times of crisis or pandemic life is no more normal.”
He said many families are on the verge of collapse because husbands stay at home for weeks during the crisis period and the wife’s are unable to manage with the little they have.

He also charged those who continue to live extravagant lives to take caution because, in times of crisis people are not more needed anywhere, and for that matter “you don’t go anywhere where you are not invited. Stay calm. You have to manage your own self.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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