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Ghanaian Journalists Defrauds Chinese Miner

Information gathered has indicated that a top Ghanaian journalist, Gabby Adu Gyamfi has allegedly duped a Chinese businessman of an amount of GHC30,000.00.
Document in possession of this paper has revealed that, Gabby Adu Gyamfi entered into an agreement with the said Chinese Businessman at Sefwi Asanwinso in the Bibiani Anwiaso Bekwai District to reclaim 11 mining pitches at Mansi Kaniago (Cornerstone resource) at Amansie West District.
It has emerged that Gabby Adu Gyamfi who convinced the Chinese national of his capabilities and strategy of employing some of the youth in the community to help in the reclamation exercise, was paid an amount of GHC30,000.00 for the job.
In signing the Agreement with the Chinese National in Kumasi on January 6, 2016, Gabby Adu Gyamfi was bound to reclaim the land within 21 days starting from 7th January to the end of January 2016.
Per the content of the Agreement, the GHC30,000.00 which was paid to Gabby Ady Gyamfi was to finance the reclamation of the land including renting the Bulldozer, buying of diesel and low bird.
Meanwhile, information gathered was that Gabby Ady Gyamfi failed to execute the job after collecting GHC30,000.00 from the said Chinese national.
It has also emerged that, this is not the only case where Chinese nationals have been shortchanged and duped by Ghanaians who acted as middlemen to assist in their mining activities.
Facts available have also led to an interesting development where Chiefs in mining communities have gotten themselves involved in milking the Chinese nationals of huge sums of monies under the guise of helping in reclaiming the mining pitches.
This information was coming at the heels of many discoveries on a Cartel formed involving some journalists in Ghana to launch attacks on Chinese nationals operating in the mining sector.
This cartel was contracted to paint a bad picture of Chinese nationals in mining in Ghana and turning the communities they operate in against them.
This Reporter in his subsequent stories will come out with the expose on that.
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By Prosper Agbenyega

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