Greater Accra Regional House Of Chiefs Only Recognizes Ackwerhs As Royals Of Hwakpo


…As it strikes out appeal by the Puplampus

The Greater Regional (GAR) House of Chiefs has confirmed the legitimacy of the Ackwerhs of Hwakpo as the rightful heirs of the Hwakpo stool.

This, perhaps, could draw the curtains down on the battle between the Puplampus who have laid claim of the stool and the Ackwerhs who have also held that they are the rightful heirs of Hwakpo.

The Ada Traditional Council, in November last year, unanimously ruled that the Ackwerhs, but not the Puplampus, are the rightful heirs and custodians of Hwakpo.

Unsatisfied by the ruling and, thus, had the right to appeal, the Puplampus, who have installed a self-styled chief and whom the Ada Traditional Council says it does not recognize, filed for an appeal of the ruling by the Ada Traditional Council at the council.

Months after filing for the appeal, the appellants, according to the Ada Traditional Council, had failed to meet the conditions of their own appeal, including cash sums of GH¢10,000 on the one part and GH¢2,000 on the other part.

Following the elapsed time to meet the appeal conditions, the Ada Traditional Council, wrote to the GAR House of Chiefs to strike out the case before it by the appellants, a request a four-member panel of the GAR House of Chiefs presided over by Mr Alexander Essien, the magistrate, granted and fined the Puplampus GH¢2,000 in addition.

The Ackwerhs were represented by Nomo Ernest Samuel Ackwerh, Nene Agbasi Dzikunu Ackwerh and Nathan Nomotey Ackwerh while the appellants were represented by Dr. David Buernor Puplampu and Isaac Buertey Puplampu (the Self-styled Chief).

After the hearing, Numo Ernest Samuel Ackwerh , the head of the Ackwerhs, expressed his elation at the ruling, saying, “Again, our brothers (the Puplampus) have lost again and this should bring finality to this unnecessary and time-wasting litigation.

“It is clear that the Ackwerhs are the heirs and custodians of Hwakpo and from here, we are going to hit the ground running with the developments we have earmarked to open up Hwakpo. We will welcome their developmental contributions but they should not make any wrong move because we are going to be guided by the laws of the Republic of Ghana, our traditional customs and norms to ensure that Hwakpo remains peaceful and developed for our generations.”

The family head of the Ackwerhs however called on the Puplampus to settle all the fines previous courts have imposed on them.” the owe almost every court since they started this litigation with us in the 90s” he said.

Rev. Nathan Ackwerh who also spoke with journalists advised the Puplampus to desist from causing troubles as every step they take has gone against them, adding that the truth will always be on the side of the Ackwerhs who will equally not look on to be cheated.


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