Hajj Communications, Da’wa Committee Educate Pilgrims Ahead Of Arafa


The Da’wa committee of the Ghana Hajj Board have held an educational forum to prepare pilgrims ahead of this year’s Hajj Pilgrimage.

The pilgrims’ were taken through the do’s and dont’s of hajj pilgrimage and some importance and compulsory things during the hajj rituals.

Members of the Da’wa team have been dispatch to all the Hotels Ghanian pilgrims reside in order to make it easy for all pilgrims to have first hand information on Hajj performance.

The importance and compulsory of hajj rituals according to a Da’wa Committee Member, include wearing of ihram, going to the tent city of Mina, Arafa Munzilfa, throwing pebbles at Jamarat, Tawaf (going round the Karba) among others.

Pilgrims will spend five or six days at Mina and will proceed to the mountain of Arafat were pilgrims will pray to their maker (the Almighty Allah) and will continue their journey to Muzdalifa were pilgrims will spend the night.

Pilgrims will as well pick pebbles from muzdilfa which is not far from Mina to Jamarat where there will be a throwing of pebbles.

Spending the night at Muzdilfa is not compulsory for people of old ages but allow to spend some time and will later send them back to Mina and proceed to Jamarat for throwing of the pebbles the next morning.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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