Homowo Celebrants Mob Pramrpam Stool Father In Show Of Support For His Leadership


The Prampram Traditional Area witnessed a thunderous turnout for this year’s Homowo festival which was nearly marred by indifferences between factions in the area’s protracted chieftaincy disputes.

Not even the high presence of police personnel could deter the mammoth crowd from showing their support and love to the paramount stool father who, after several years, managed to sprinkle the Homowo food, Kpoikpoi.

Amidst drumming and singing, Numo Osabu Abbey IV who was as well mobbed by the heavy crowds managed to sprinkle the kpoikpoi at the Dzaase Palace and that of the royal cemetery.

The show of love by indigenes of the area, proved their support and loyalty to the stool father, who has for years insisted that the area has no chief.

Addressing the mammoth crowd after performing his traditional obligations, Numo osabu Abbey called for peace amongst natives, urging them to be tolerant to others so as to improve the peaceful coexistence amongst themselves.

He assured indigenes that the area will soon be flooded with development if they support kingmakers in their quest to ensure a lasting solution to the areas long disputed chieftaincy matters. Numo Osabu further announced that kingmakers are resolved to enstooling a legitimate chief for the area who’ll come to serve the people and not to sell their assets indiscriminately as being seen currently in Prampram.

This year’s Prampram Homowo Festival, despite the usual factional misunderstandings, also brought to bear the rich Ghanaian traditions and culture.



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