Information Ministry to conduct town hall meetings, exhibitions across all regions

The Ministry of Information is set to embark on a nationwide tour aimed at showcasing government projects and addressing misinformation.

The tour would focus primarily on issues concerning the economy and ongoing initiatives.

In view of this, the Ministry will conduct town hall meetings and exhibitions across all regions of Ghana.

Minister for Information, Fatimatu Abubakar in an interview stressed the importance of transparency and countering misinformation, especially in the current election year.

She said: “It’s our duty to ensure transparency and counter misinformation. We want to engage with citizens directly, show them evidence of our projects, and gather their feedback.”

Touching on the Exhibitions and Town Hall Meetings, she averred that the tour will feature exhibitions highlighting completed projects in infrastructure, education, health, housing, and the judiciary.

She noted that residents will have the chance to interact with regional ministers and government officials, fostering direct communication and feedback.

The Minister also said the tour and the Town Hall Meetings wuld address prevalent misinformation about the government’s debt to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and developments in the petroleum sector.

She urged media outlets to verify information before publication to prevent the spread of falsehoods.

The Minister also announced the launch of the Government of Ghana Performance Tracker, a digital repository containing details on various developments, including policies, legislation, and projects.

This tracker offers firsthand access to information, GPS locations, and multimedia content.

In this Digital Age, the Minister warned against the dangers of spreading misinformation, citing a recent false claim about a Guinness World Record and highlighted the necessity of verifying information to avoid chaos.

The nationwide tour aims to promote transparency, combat misinformation, and showcase the government’s achievements.

The Ministry hopes to enhance transparency and accountability in governance through these tours.


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