Integrate Climate Change Actions Into Development Plans -Stakeholders urged

As the world is experiencing serious climate changes which Ghana is not an exception, stakeholders have been urged to integrate climate change actions into their development plans that will address climate change issues.

The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hajia Alima Mahama said this at the ongoing 2019 Africa Climate Change Summit in Accra.

Speaking at the Summit, the Minister admitted that, these plans when well strategized can help to identify as well address the national climate change integration and adaptation priorities.

This she believes will be addressing several objectives including fighting climate change in a comprehensive manner hence providing safe, efficient, sufficient, clean and affordable energy to the population especially the poor and the vulnerable, reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

This, according to her will help in identifying and addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation priorities.

Hon. Hajia Alima Mahama called on all citizens and local government to integrate climate change actions in their development plans.

However, the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, António Guterres reiterated the alarming threat of climate change during a one-day summit organised last week.

Ahead of the meeting, scientists warned that the signs and impacts of global warming were worsening.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), noted that the amount of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere between 2015 and 2019 had grown by 20% compared with the previous five years.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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