La Adonten Mantse Donates GHS10,000 To AGDLa

La Adonten Mantse Nii Kwade Okropong I, has donated GHS 10,000 to Advocates for GaDangme Languages (AGDLa) – a non profit organisation – to support seven young SHS graduates to study Ga and Dangme languages at the tertiary level.

The move is to enhance the teaching and learning of Ga and Dangme languages in the basic schools as well as equip Ga and Dangme teachers with the requisite competencies: knowledge, skills, attitude and experiences, in the learning and teaching of the languages.

Speaking after the donation, the La Adonten Mantse, stated that it is very important for capacity of Ga and Dangme teachers to be built to help improve the teaching and learning strategies of the languages in the Greater Accra Region.

He called on fellow Ga and Dangme Chiefs and philanthropists to support the Advocates for GaDangme Languages to achieve its goals of sustaining and promoting the Ga and Dangme languages in Ghana.

On his part, the founder and the coordinator of Advocates for GaDangme Languages Mr John Mensah Anang (Nii Mensah Anang-Yakah), the immediate past Director-General of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, revealed that there is a great number of teachers who are Ga-Dangme citizens but they are not willing and ready to teach Ga in schools.

He added that most of us do not understand the chemistry of the school system hence we make unfounded accusations and blame game – instead of coming out with innovative ideas and best practices to help solve this problem scientifically.

He reiterated the need for well meaning Ga-Dangme citizens to team up with AGDLa to fight this knowledge war by getting more SHS graduates who are willing to study and teach the Ga and Dangme Languages at the pre-tertiary level.

This he said would help sustain and protect the Ga and Dangme Languages in the Greater Accra region.

He cited the example of Valley View where the school said it will no longer teach Ga due to lack of Teachers which compelled him to come out with this initiative.

He added that the support of seven young people to study the Ga and Dangme languages at the tertiary level will give those who wish to project and protect the Ga and Dangme Languages the opportunity to contribute their quota to the Ga state.

Most of the schools in the Greater Accra region, according to him do not have Ga and Dangme Language teachers, yet learners are expected to write Ga or Dangme at the BECE for academic progression.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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