Stop Illegal Demolition @ Adjiringano …Akwraboye Doku Family Warns

The Akwraboye Doku Family of Teshie has stated that neither Michael Adjei nor Sarah Forkuo or any other person has been authorized to demolish properties on a disputed land at Otano East Legon.

Head of Akwraboye Doku Family, Samuel Adjei Mensah, made it clear that he had in consultation with the principal family elders agreed and gave Power of Attorney to Yaw Mireku to represent their family in all matters relating to their family land at Otano East Legon covered by the High Court judgement.

Samuel Adjei Mensah in his witness statement to the police after the demolition of a 7-bedroom property located at Otano, Adjiriganor belonging to Paul Sackey by some individuals purported to be representatives of the Akwraboye Doku family including Michael Adjei.

According to him, Paul Sackey acquired the land and subsequently had the lease regularized to cover the disputed land.

According to him, Michael Adjei is not their family member and that the Akwraboye Doku Family of which he is head has not authorized the said Michael Adjei in any form or manner to deal with any portion of the disputed land.

He said one Sarah Forkuo who also claim to be working for the interest of the family is not part of their family and that their family have not been authorized to work or demolished any structure on the disputed land.

Meanwhile, after the demolition of Paul Sackey’s property and the subsequent arrest of the suspects, the police conducted investigations into the ownership of the said land and established that, a composite plan from the survey department of the Lands Commission revealed that the disputed land at Otano, East Legon does not fall within the judgment plan of the Akwraboye Doku Family, which Michael Adjei and his cohorts used to cause that demolition.

Michael Adjei claimed to be secretary to the Akwraboye Doku Family and a businesswoman Sarah Agyaa Owusu-Ansah in the name of enforcement of a judgment got the property of Mr. Sacky demolished.

Meanwhile, documents available to this paper indicate that, the rightful Head of the Akwraboye Doku Family, Nii Samuel Adjei Mensah Shia given Mr. Yaw Mireku Power of Attorney over the Akwraboye Doku Family lands in Adjiringanor.

It also emerged that a member of the Paul Sackey family who has been given the power of attorney, Yaa Serwah Dumashie in her complaint to the police argued out that the land does not fall within the area the said judgment covers.

However, investigations by the police have subsequently revealed that, indeed the said judgment does not cover the Paul Sacky land.

According to the police investigative report in possession of this paper, Michael Adjei of Teshie, Sarah Agyaa Owusu-Ansah, One Eidi and Ayiki Wulormu have all been charged with Trespassing and causing unlawful damage contrary to Section 157 and 172 of the Criminal Offences Act 1960 (Act 29) respectively. The four have also been charged with Unlawful Protection of Land Contrary to Section 12 (2) OF Act 1036.

According to the report, ‘‘the police requested for the certified true copy of the judgment plan of the Akwraboye Doku Family from the court and extended investigations to the lands commission, Survey Department Accra with the judgment plan and requested for a composite plan.’

‘‘The Police subsequently visited the disputed land together with the complainant and surveyors from the regional survey department and the coordinates of the disputed land were picked to enable the surveyors prepare a composite plan for police investigations.’’

The conclusion of the investigations according to the police revealed that the said land is not covered by the judgment and thus belongs to Paul Sacky.
The family Head, insisted that Yaw Mireku is the only authority given the Power of Attorney over the Akwraboye Doku Family lands in Adjiringanor.

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