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Landguard Kingpins Arrested At Gbetsile

Some residents of Gbetsile Obeyeyie, within the Kpone Katamanso Municipality rushed onto the street of Gbetsile to jubilate over the arrest of some notorious landguards who have been operating within the area.

The landguards who have been terrorizing residents for years were arrested in a swoop organized by personnel from the Anti Landguard Unit.

According to some eye witnesses who witnessed the arrest noted that a total of five landguards were arrested during the operation.

The five arrested included one top an alleged ex-military officer by name Ahmed and his key his accomplice Elisha a.k.a Macho.

The landguards who were on site terrorizing developers upon seeing the Police took to their heels but were given a hot chase and apprehended by the anti landguard team.

The residents say, the Police found a machete, a pistol and more hummer in a vehicle being used by the landguards.

Mr Ataa Agoe, a resident of Obeyeyie noted that ” I am extremely happy for this day because these guys led by Armed and Elisha a.k.a Macho have been terrorizing us for so long and we are extremely grateful to the anti landguard team and the Inspector General of Police”.

Another resident, madam Amatey said “we have for so long been living in fear due to the activities of these landguards who have in the past wounded and caused serious harm to many developers”.

Gbetsile Obeyeyie has over the past few years been in the news regarding the activities of landguards.

Several persons have had to abandon their building projects halfway through due to the illegal activities of land guards in the area.

However, the residents on Tuesday came out in their numbers to jubilate on the street as the news of the arrest of the landguard kingpins went viral in the area.

They have thus appealed to the Inspector General of Police to ensure the suspects arrested face the full rigors of the law.

“These guys always when arrested are released even with enough evidence to prosecute them because they claim they are highly connected but we are hoping this time round, the long arm of the law will deal with them,” an elder of Obeyeyie Emmanuel Tetteh Anum retorted.

According to sources at the Police headquarters, the five are in Police custody awaiting to be sent to court.

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