Lets Reject Oppression And Tyranny In Humanity – Shehu Dalhu Abdul-Mumin


The Zongo Chief and the Spiritual leader of the Shia community in Northern region, Shehu Dalhu Abdul-Mumin has called on his people to stand for the truth in every situation of their lives and reject tyranny among humanity.

“Be proud to stand for the truth even if you are standing alone” The Imam said.
Speaking to a large congregation on the occasion of Ashura lecture in Tamale, His eminence, Shehu Dalhu entreated all rational minds across the world to study the story and virtues of Imam Hussain (as), the second grandson of the prophet of Islam to imbibe the inspirational lessons of his adventure.

Addressing the people the vociferous Islamic cleric said, ”the story of Imam Hussain is not only for Muslims but humanity at large. According to Shehu Dalhu, Imam Hussain did not only teach humanity on how to resist oppression from tyrants, he lived a life worth emulating by people of all kind in life. There’s no single person who cannot take a lesson from the Karbala story irrespective of your social status.”

He defined Ashura as period of reflection and eulogy for the man who sacrificed his life to save a nation from oppression, corruption, nepotism and immortality

The affable leader mentioned the following as lessons that can be learnt from the tragic story of Karbala, an incident that occurred some 1,400 years ago in plain desert of Iraq.

Imam Hussein(as) is seen as a man who faced death, so that an entire nation gets to know the true meaning of life.

“A man who was killed once, but continues to come back to life a million times over. One who was slain in solitary, without helpers, but who has billions marching every year to answer his call.

He was thirsty, only to have the world remember him every time they drink. A man who was shown bitter hatred, only to turn into the focal point of compassion. One whose light they tried to extinguish, only to become a flame that inspires those seeking a positive revolution forever.

A man who died whilst hungry, yet hundreds and millions are fed in his name. A man whose tents were ransacked and burnt down, but has millions of homes named after him in every corner of the world.”

Hussein became a single figure who fills history with his grace, an all time provider of hope to the hopeless. The name the shakes tyrants from head to marrow.

Imam Hussain the inspiration voice to the voiceless.

Imam Hussain (as) remain the single most symbolic aspirations to the oppressed.
Every freedom fighter and lover of justice in humanity understand his story irrespective of color, tribe, religion nor creed. Imam Hussain is for Humanity and not only for Muslim.

Nelson Mandela is recorded to have said
“I have spent more than 20 years in prison, then one night, I decided to surrender by signing all terms and condition for government. But I thought about Imam Hussain (as) and the Karbala movement. Imam Hussain (as) gave me the strength to stand for the right of freedom and Liberation.”

In conclusion the Shai Imam urged the people to seek more knowledge about the symbolic leader of freedom and liberation.

He also urged the congregation to be religious tolerance since religion was not the property of a single individual or group but beliefs and practices association to the supernatural Allah.


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