Nigerians Urge To live In Ghana With Peace, Love And Respect

Chief Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi, President, Yoruba Community, Greater Accra

The President Greater Accra Yoruba community in Ghana, Chief Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi has urged Nigerians in Ghana to live with peace, love and respect.

According to him, Nigerians are one people with common destiny hence should not allow ethnic differences to divide on another.

The president of the Yoruba community made this known in a press statement sighted by this portal on the occasion of Nigeria’s 59th Independence anniversary celebration.

Nigerians he said should not let criticism kill their dreams rather be patriotic citizens and serve their country with good faith, honesty, fairness and with all their strength.

Below Is Unedited Press Release by the Greater Accra Yoruba Community In Ghana.


We felicitate with fellow Nigerians on this special occasion of our 59th Independence Anniversary.

Today affords us the opportunity to reflect briefly on the sacrifices and labour of our past heroes (forebearers) in the hand of the British colony to the birth of the sovereign state called Nigeria.

Cultural diversity is what makes us who we are today. Patriotism is what makes us a country.
Our pledge to our country makes us noble Nigerians.
How we represent the nation in the diaspora makes us good or bad ambassadors.

As Nigerians, we should not let criticism kill our dream for Nigeria.
Let us be patriotic citizens and serve our country with good faith, honesty, fairness and all our strength.

We are one people with a common destiny and we should not allow our ethnic differences divide us.

Let’s live in Ghana with peace, love and respect for our host nation.
Peaceful coexistence will give birth to a greater and prosperous Nigeria.
Long live Nigeria!
Happy INDEPENDENCE Day to our fatherland, Nigeria!

Chief Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi,
(President, Yoruba Community, Greater Accra)

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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