Persecution Of Muslim Students Unjustified – Accra Zabarma Chief


The Greater Accra Zabarma Chief and President of Ghana Zabarma Association, Sarki Alhaji Pro-Umar Tanko Abubakar has added his voice to the reports of persecution of Muslim students at Wesley Girls Senior High School in Cape Coast.

According to him, the situation is worrying therefore needed immediate attention and correction adding that by all standard freedom of religion and worship are fundamental human and personal rights.

“Seriously speaking, if the Headmistress has been known to hate Muslims and for that matter goes to the extent of convincing Muslim students to convert from Islam to Christianity, then she is not fit to head one of the best educational institutions where human beings are trained to be worthy citizens, ready to live and work with all manner of persons with diverse religious, ethnic and orientational background” he noted.

He call on the Council of Muslim Chiefs and the Central Regional Coordinating Council including other well-meaning citizens to quickly wade in to stop the unholy discrimination going on in that respected institution.

“In the event of failure, which l even dare not imagine, the law needs to be tested by sending the Headmistress to court” he added.

He hope that the issue of Wesley Girls High School will not be the case of Achimota School versus Rastafarian prospective students.

The Greater Accra Zabarma Chief who doubles as the President of Coalition of Ghana Zabarma Chiefs revealed that most prominent Muslim personalities including himself, attended Catholic Mission Schoools, where Protestants and Muslims enjoyed freedom of worship.

He said to force non-Christian students to attend church, and prohibit the reading of Quran and praying are very unchristian of a Headmistress who should know better in a modern era of self-determination.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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