Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse Celebrates One Year Anniversary


The Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, Nii Adottey Odaawulu I, has celebrated his one year anniversary as the Chief Justice of Sempe Muslim Traditional Area.

First to be installed as the Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, Nii Adottey Odaawulu I ascended the throne on April 4th, 2021, following his hard work, peace loving, dedication, commitment and support to his community.

The Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse also doubles as the Sarkin Talba of the Greater Accra Hausa Chief under the able leadership of Sariki Alhaji Kabiru English.

As he marked his one year anniversary, the people of Sempe have expressed joy over the positive change and progress that he has brought within the Sempe towns and villages.

Many were those who described the Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse as a philanthropist and humble, with the heart of Gold.

Nii Adottey Odaawulu I, known in his private life as Alhaji Issaka Nii Nertey Nettey as part of his efforts to ensure massive progress and unity within the Ga state has single handedly sponsored events that seek to bring the people of Ga Dangme under one umbrella for the purpose of unity and development.

The Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse has also come out with initiatives that seek to support the basic needs of the less privilege in the society and has as well marked his date of birth as a day of party for the less privilege.

He has also help in bringing out the talents in the youth of Ga Dangme through financial support for boxers, footballers, horse racing and other sporting disciplines.

Nii Adottey Odaawulu I, before ascending the throne as the Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, is well known for his efforts in helping the needy and empowering the youth.

During his installation, on April 4th, 2021 at the residence of the then acting President of ths Ga Traditional Council, James Town Sempe Mantse and the Mankralo of Ga State, Nii Adote Otintor II, he assured the people that he would continue to help and empower the youth to become independent.

This and among others have been the topmost priority of Nii Adottey Odaawulu I and has been applauded by many for fulfilling his promise in just a year.

He promised to do more for the youth since they are the bedrock of every great society.He has decided to empower more of youth through education,skills development and sporting activities so they will be ready for the future.

He admonished all, especially the youth to be tolerant of each other and respect for one another and above all love each other and live peacefully with one another.

At the same year and same ceremony, a business woman Alhaja Amudalatu Akweley Opare Addo Kundow was installed as the Queen Mother of Muslims of Sempe Traditional Area while businessman Kabir Gbademu was also installed as Galladima (Stool Administrator).

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha


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